Wednesday: Beauty Show & Missing YA Peeps

I'm Really Excited to be Back! I'd probably have more of an ecstatic expression if it weren't for how exhausted I am. That was the best I could muster up. The last three days have been beyond crazy. As I mentioned on Friday, I was going to help my Mom's company with  a beauty show… Continue reading Wednesday: Beauty Show & Missing YA Peeps


Teaser Thursday: Divergent

Teaser Thursday So for my YA book loving readers, authors, publishers, editors out there, as you may already know, MTV this Sunday will be airing their VMA Awards. During the pre-show it has been announced that a world premier first look of the movie DIVERGENT will be airing as well! Excuse me while I revert… Continue reading Teaser Thursday: Divergent


The Writing Stride, the Run, the Screeching Halt

UGH! It's here! It's rearing it nasty fat head around the corner of my slightly cracked opened door and it Doesnt.Want.To.Leave!   So here's the thing...it's not "Writer's Block" per say, it's worse! Its...LAZINESS! (That bastard! Laziness creeping in again) The "hype" is diminishing. It's a lot like "Love"...the emotional flutters begin to fade and… Continue reading The Writing Stride, the Run, the Screeching Halt