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Do People Read Blogs Anymore?

At the end of last year, I was feeling itchy to clean up the blog a bit. I technically wanted a complete makeover but after a few hours of perusing the few Free templates WordPress gives you (there used to be SO many more free templates), I finally gave up on a new one and… Continue reading Do People Read Blogs Anymore?

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Let’s Talk New Writing Program: CAUSALITY

Happy 2018! Crazy how another year has come and gone. 2017 was turbulent, to say the least. Here's to determining a better outcome for this new year. With that comes new ventures and to start the year off, what I wanted to chat with you all about is, Writing Programs. As writers, there are plenty… Continue reading Let’s Talk New Writing Program: CAUSALITY

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The Journey To Becoming A Writer I Didn’t Even Know I Was On

  Recently, I've been reflecting a lot on my love for writing. Personal issues have come to play and lately, my time to dedicate to my writing projects has dwindled. As creative people, when we and our day-to-day lives conflict with us working on our passions, guilt and frustration tend to set in. At times,… Continue reading The Journey To Becoming A Writer I Didn’t Even Know I Was On

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Quick Life + YouTube Channel Update

  Oh, 2017, you're definitely keeping me on my toes and we've just met! With 2017, came tons of deep thoughts about life, where one finds themselves in this current time, what one wants for their future, etc. All the deep thoughts. *sighs, rolling her eyes* Deep life thoughts are nothing new for me (because… Continue reading Quick Life + YouTube Channel Update