Book Haul: November 2013

Omylanta, let's talk about BOOK HAUL *book shimmy* Ok, Tumblr-slightly disappointment there weren't more options and better quality of Ally McBeal dancing baby gifs. Hello blog world, bookish friends, writers and all! I rarely have the opportunity for a Book Haul because, well, my pocket is not very deep, if you catch my drift. Every… Continue reading Book Haul: November 2013


Today…I’m a Zombie

Have you all seen that new Sprint commercial with Laura Spencer (from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and recently seen in Switched at Birth on ABCFamily...wow...major plug there, her Publicist should compensate me for that one) *wink* I kid, I kid...well, I mean...if they want to...I'm ok with that...anyway! If you havent seen this awesome commercial,… Continue reading Today…I’m a Zombie