2013 Good Riddance! Hello 2014 Resolutions! Part 1

*runs across room kicking 2013 out the window...kicks harder to make sure it's gone...dead..buried...not like those bad guys you think are dead but then hop up behind you suddenly...nope, not this girl. Tosses boulder outside window to make sure, 2013...gone..dead* *catches blog readers watching...crickets crickets* *clears throat* "Hiiiii guyssss..." *whistles and leaves room* So, as… Continue reading 2013 Good Riddance! Hello 2014 Resolutions! Part 1


Back in the Game: Writing

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FOLKS! Tis the Season to by Jolly...or so they say. Let me tell ya, it's been one bu-humbug beginning of the holiday season for me and my family. First of all, this year--uh Hi, yeah, where the heck did 2013 go? I have NEVER experienced a year fly by as this one has.… Continue reading Back in the Game: Writing