Are We Liking the New Layout?

Hey y'all! Quick, nonsensical post here... For those who've been around, question? Are we liking the new layout? Was the old one better? or Goldie Locks and the Three Bears final answer: Go find a new one? Let me know! Does it encourage further reading or stifle it? And to make this post look more… Continue reading Are We Liking the New Layout?


Winter Break Reading Slump

Reading Slump? Who's with me?!? Omylanta. What. In. The. World. Is. Wrong. With. Me? I blame the Holidays. Holidays 2013, you are to blame for my busyness, my distractions, my exhaustion, etc...Yes...holidays...I'll blame you. But for real, I do believe the season is what's bringing much distraction from our beloved hobby of living, breathing need...reading.… Continue reading Winter Break Reading Slump