New Years and the New Year…

Coffee selfies, Epcot, Cirque de Soleil, and fancy hotels, OH MY! Happy New Year! It's 2015, or how all the cool kids are saying it, "Twenty-Fifteen". I'm getting used to it now. I hadn't been using the shorter version of the millennium years before. Well folks, a new year is upon us. Before it arrived,… Continue reading New Years and the New Year…


Current TBR & 100 Book Goal 2014

First things first... HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE!!! My Endless, Ever-Increasing To-Be-Read Pile! So 2014 is coming up (in a matter of hours where I am-East Coast United States) and watching different book-tubers 2013 review in books that they've read, I feel inspired. First--I laugh at my cousin who makes fun of me, constantly asking "Don't… Continue reading Current TBR & 100 Book Goal 2014