Monday Memes: How you doin’

"Oh, hello Monday..." Ah, that feeling of starting a new week. Let the do-overs begin! My weekend was good. My Sunday was quite productive. I'm patting myself on the back here. Why? Well, after procrastinating for far too long, letting fear and anxiety of the unknown cripple me, I FINALLY STARTED EDITING MY MANUSCRIPT! Here,… Continue reading Monday Memes: How you doin’

The Leisure Life

Just Another Manic Monday

Hello friends! How's August treating y'all? August has been a bit of a bastard; rough start and all that jazz. Remember that quarterly goals schedule I wrote about a few weeks back? No? Let me refresh you with this shiny link right....*displays Vanna White hands* here~~~> Quarterly Goals: Writing, CRW business & more How's that going, you… Continue reading Just Another Manic Monday


Want Your Life to Be a Book? Unrealistic Hiccups

Ah, do you ever read a book and daydream about living out those exact scenarios, character's lives, have Tobias/Four embrace you in his fear landscape, or Captain Wentworth hold your gaze, torturing you before a kiss? Of course you do! You're a reader aren't ya? Happy Monday folks! This was not the planned topic for… Continue reading Want Your Life to Be a Book? Unrealistic Hiccups