Ignite Me Book Talk!

Oh Ignite Me, let me count the ways... Spoiler FREE section: (Spoilers marked below!) I feel so inadequate, trying to express my feelings for this book. In the last week, I have read three series finales. I have a three book hangover. I'm trying to recover. I loved each of them. I loved them all… Continue reading Ignite Me Book Talk!


Mail Day: Ignite Me Came!

Nonchalantly, stepping outside, my eyes dart up. Bernard the Mailman catches the crazed look in my eyes and braces himself. BERNARD!!! IS IT? IS IT? He reaches into his satchel and takes out the beautifully covered book I have waited for. I let out a high pitched, schoolgirl squeal. IT IS! I tackle Bernard the… Continue reading Mail Day: Ignite Me Came!