The Leisure Life

Running a Small Business While Also Doing Life

Hello, Hi, and How are y'all doing? Lately, I seem to keep pulling these random run away hiatuses and then pop back in needing to explain once again why this blog's been silent. My apologies! Recently, the M.I.A. reasons have been one; being needed more at my "day job" due to losing our main person… Continue reading Running a Small Business While Also Doing Life


First Draft Idea…Out the Window!

"Perhaps you should forget about ____ all together?" -Bestie says cautiously over the phone to which I responded: And I sat there, as she went on and on over the phone about the possibilities that could happen instead...and I silence...biting the tip of my thumb nail, remembering the breathe. The thoughts going through my… Continue reading First Draft Idea…Out the Window!