Divergent Week! Movie Review

Divergent Week   Amazing box office release weekend for the book to movie adaptation, 'Divergent'! On Saturday, just after the early release date on Thursday night and Friday's numbers, studio released the news that 'Insurgent' was green lit, making it official that next year, WE WILL HAVE A PART TWO! This makes my heart so… Continue reading Divergent Week! Movie Review


Hello World…Allegiant

FYI, THIS REVIEW OF ALLEGIANT WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS! (you have been warned) So where have I been? Well, reading Allegiant, of course...then reacting to Allegiant...then...processing Allegiant...and...well, you'll see. It's been a hectic two weeks, with work and all and then this week came. Man, I have to say, I was so flipping excited for this… Continue reading Hello World…Allegiant