Book Talk: Deception by CJ Redwine

 BOOK CHAT WITH D.MARIE"Grande White Mocha with one pump of Cinnamon Dulce?"*grabs coffee and thanks Barista*Is this my first Book Talk of 2014? One moment...*goes through archives*Nope, just kidding. "Under the Never Sky" was my first. This is then my first "Book-Talk" which really isn't THAT different from other book blogging posts I've done.Book Talks?… Continue reading Book Talk: Deception by CJ Redwine


Time is a Luxury…Books & Writing

Time is a Luxury... Oh how the hands of time betray me, leaving me destitute, eager, grasping for more. Hey everyone! So this Booknerd in a Bookstore has been working her petunia off! She's been working hard for the money! Her no longer early 20's body as well is not happy about it and hindering… Continue reading Time is a Luxury…Books & Writing