Books I need in my life, like, yesterday…

GIVE ME ALL THE BOOKS! It's a new year, (I know, we keep saying this) and with it, comes new books! I decided to compile a very short list of books I need in my life...like, yesterday! Some are new, still awaiting to grace the shelves of the wonderful, and magical land called...bookstores. Did you… Continue reading Books I need in my life, like, yesterday…


Update: It’s Hump Day

Hello fellow readers, writers, bloggers, bored web-surfing aficionados... It's HUMP DAY! Mid-week has come along so quickly, there is hope for the weekend to come even more quickly. Now, the tricky thing about that is, the weekend then disappoints by coming and going just as fast or even faster...boo! So it has been some time… Continue reading Update: It’s Hump Day