Coffee Reading Writing Shop


Introducing the launch of my new business: CRW!

It has been a journey of love, sweat, and tears. The dream was long ago–from one coffee addict’s heart to another–of preciously designed bookish mugs for the coffee loving, obsessive reader, compulsive writer in you; well, me, but I had hoped there were others.

Once the dream stork came blazing through the air, dropping–no, not poop pellets–unicorn butt-bursting glitter in the human shape of my start-up business partner, I knew this was a gift. A gift that would propel magnificent endeavors to come. I’m ridiculous, I know. LOVE ME!


As our first mug order, we decided to start off with our company logo: Coffee Reading Writing. Since then, we have created 9 other designs, multiple 3rd party feature mugs, as well as exclusive designs for authors. One of the parties we’ve had the pleasure to work with is The Bookish Box.

In addition to that, you can check out our YouTube channel where we will be speaking on the vast subjects pertaining to all things Coffee, Reading and Writing. We had to make some changes to our channel for the new year which I explain in the video above. Enjoy! Hope to see you hanging around.

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3 thoughts on “Coffee Reading Writing Shop

    1. Apologies on the delay, it’s been a very hectic few weeks leading up to our event from this past weekend–which went great! It was such a pleasure meeting you and your husband as well. Thank you for your sweet gift! Hope all is going well.

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