That “About” Page

Hey, I’m Desiree Marie


Lover of Books.

Shamelessly addicted to drinking, talking, and meme-ing about Coffee.

Introvert but most don’t believe me until you get to know me.

Former Theatre kid — probably why many don’t believe I’m introverted. I learn to fake the hell out of it.



Hopeless Romantic but won’t settle for today’s dating culture and habits.

Suffered in silent confusion most of my life. Here’s to eliminating the stigma on Mental Health.

Value genuine characters and honesty.

I’m socially awkward and a dork but get me on a platform in front of people to talk about something I’m passionate about and you’ll quickly see how I am my badass mother’s daughter.

A little amuse-bouche in the world of, Me. I also have watched way too much Food Network and yet…I don’t cook.


Hope you stick around!


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16 thoughts on “That “About” Page

    1. Omygoodness! Wow! Thank you so much! I didn’t even know this existed & it’s so cool! I’m truly honored, hence all the exclamation marks. This is so sweet and totally made my day. Alright, let me research what I’m supposed to do here. Thanks again! 🙂

  1. Haha, omg, good luck with your novel! I’m writing one aswell – a steampunk YA, been working on it for years. Came up on your blog by accident and found that you had included my video in that post of yours of the The Fifth Wave! That is so cool that happened upon it by chance. Thank you for including it and your kind comment! XD

    1. Hey! OMG, what are the chances?! haha That’s awesome! Steampunk YA, love it already! That video was so good. It took some sweet skill to edit those two completely different movies and make it look one–the color washes, etc. It was great! You’re welcome! 🙂 And thanks for the novel luck! Definitely needing it. haha 🙂 Good luck as well. Happy writing.

  2. I LOVE your “About” page! You look like someone I am going to enjoy following! I LOVE Coffee, Books, Music, Movies, Theater, and Writing. I am a proud fangirl and geek. I tried to have a blog once-upon-a-time, but with three kids, I found it hard to get to the computer often enough to be of any interest to anyone. I don’t know… maybe I’ll try again, because I love to write and would like to have my own place to share my random, rambling thoughts for anyone interested in looking. Any suggestions on how to get started? I love your hair red, by the way. You look great! I just started following your blog, so I am looking forward to reading all you past blog in a few long binges to get caught up. Thanks for being awesome!


    1. Okay, seriously? You made my week, my MONTH with this comment! Thank you SO much for taking the time to read through my verbal shenanigans. I can be quite ridiculous at times…okay, all the time, so I sometimes wonder if people take a peek, read a little, then scurry away scared. haha

      It seems that you and I have PLENTY in common!
      When it comes to blogging: This is the third blog I have attempted in seven years. For me, the key seemed to be, finding something you’re passionate about so you can ramble your little heart out. I started blogging because I have always found it difficult to express myself verbally. Truly express myself. In person, I come off friendly, outgoing, and I’m not a bad conversationalist so people usually get a certain extrovert impression from me but in truth, I’m shy and VERY much introverted.

      When it comes to the deep things, or the personal things, I don’t normally share. I keep things to myself which in the long run, isn’t always the healthiest. So blogging for me became that outlet where I could let some of those things free. Recently, I determined myself to write about the two loves of my life–Reading and Writing…oh, and of course, Coffee gets thrown in there from time to time.

      My advice:
      1. Find subjects you’re passionate about…and write about them! 🙂
      2. Do not put pressures or false expectations on yourself. Don’t compare yourself or your blog to anyone else’s. No formula needed. Post and write as you deem fit. Remember, yes it’s for the readers, but it’s mainly about you. Getting those emotions, thoughts, ideas out there and then connecting with a community. I had to and still have to remind myself of this. When I go through lulls on the blog, I start feeling guilty and anxious to post more consistently, but hey! Life’s life and it’ll veer you off course sometimes. You have your lovelies (kids) so don’t make blogging a pressure, but let it be your release, your ‘spa’ time. 😉 Hope that long winded ramble helps!

      Thank you about the hair! Took awhile to get the exact color I liked but I have finally decided…I’m sticking to being a redhead. It’s my favorite of ALLLL the colors I’ve been.

      I hope I can continue to grace your computer screen with fun randomness! Thank you again for stopping by, following and commenting. It truly means a lot! Once you get that blog up, let me know!


    1. Hey! LOVE the new blog! Love the title as well 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog again. Poor thing’s been neglected for WAY too long. Hoping to resurrect it again before the year’s end. Gone Girl – Been very curious about it but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. PagetoPremiere, we were reporting on it before the movie came out. White Oleander – Very curious about that one as well. My TBR list is a never-ending pile. haha Hope you had a GREAT holiday weekend!

      1. Thanks so much for replying! I was pretty excited. Your page was the first blog that I followed and really liked and could connect with! That is amazing your working at a book store. I would probably freak out as usual. This year for Christmas I am giving books, didn’t even notice it until I was putting them all in a book. Lol

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