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Do People Read Blogs Anymore?

At the end of last year, I was feeling itchy to clean up the blog a bit. I technically wanted a complete makeover but after a few hours of perusing the few Free templates WordPress gives you (there used to be SO many more free templates), I finally gave up on a new one and just redesigned the one I was already using.

One of the little adjustments I needed to make was to go back, post by post, and give them each a Featured Image. In doing so, I pretty much spent a big portion of my day reminiscing all my random posts in the last couple years.

I know I’ve mentioned this before–plenty of times–but whether people ever read them or not, I love the concept of blogging. It’s been my therapy practice of choice. Whether it’s been personal, emotion-dump posts or about things I’m passionate about, such as books, writing, coffee, etc., writing has always been the only way to take the word-vomit gibberish that is my thoughts and give them some form–any form–of cohesive sanity and expression.

So I’ve written. Whether anyone ever read them or not. I wrote.

That day, as I went through old posts, I started to get ideas for new posts that I can do, now that I had a shiny looking blog. That’s when the question hit me.

Do People Read Blogs Anymore?

I know that Lifestyle blogs, Fashion blogs, Food blogs, and especially those Mommy blogs are still relevant and somehow, make money.

Side note: It’s still a crazy concept for me; people making a living writing blogs.

In the end, I rarely hear or know of people who spend time reading, following, looking to blogs for information. I feel as though video (specifically YouTube) has become the go-to source for all information now a days. I personally use it for everything. Even if I’m needing step by step instructions or reviews, I tend to gravitate toward watching something than reading a post.

So, as I sit here, getting excited to resurrect the blog, I have to wonder, “Does anyone read blogs anymore?”


“But, Des, you just mentioned you’ve never done it for the views.”

Yes, I did say that Random Citizen and I meant it. I’d say, the inquiry still holds merit. At the end of the day, when we share a part of ourselves, it’s human nature to hope it reaches someone out there. As creative people especially, we crave that connection. We take a piece of ourselves and hand it to the world. Then, we scurry like a shy toddler, behind the couch, peeking around the corner hoping for recognition, approval, appreciation.

I wish I were one of those people who could captivate an audience, unscripted. I’d love to be able to coherently discuss my thoughts, opinions, passions in person but alas, that is not my inherited trait. Oh, I’m passionate in person and can go off on a topic, discussing it with conviction and authority but with that comes LONG-winded rambles leading to clumsy conclusions and pockets of awkwardness.

Sitting down, pen in hand/keyboard at my fingertips, with time to force my thoughts to slow down, that way lets me edit and produce a far less run around of words–still long-winded cause that’s just my nature. Only then can I walk away feeling better about how I expressed what I felt/thought. Most in-person interactions, I walk away frustrated with my inability to truly express what I meant.

I’ve written since childhood and will continue in some form or another till my last breath; I’m certain of this. It’s an extended mouthpiece, essential to my sanity.

My curiosity still stands. Will blogs always be a thing as we continue to forge new experiences online? Does anyone even read blogs anymore?

Tune in next week…just kidding. That just felt like the appropriate follow-up.

*snickers by herself*

*finds herself hilarious*

Do you follow blogs or just stumble upon them based on specific google searches?



20 thoughts on “Do People Read Blogs Anymore?

  1. Well I really only read yours because it comes to my email. 🤔 and every now and then I come across a writing blog that I might check out. I don’t think blogs are really Dead because it’s he written word…someone is gonna read it just like someone is gonna read your books

  2. People do still read them. Maybe not as many but I think there will always be a place for blogs. Keep writing, people want to read your words

  3. Well I’m very pleased I’ve ‘stumbled’ across your blog. I actually searched ‘ does anyone even read blogs anymore’ as my therapeutic intentions are the same as yours & I like supporting others, but I do wonder if it’s wirth it. To make a business out of it there’s so much more I need to do.
    If I was completely alone for hours on end I’d happily tap anyway on my keyboard…I’m undecided as to carry on.
    Good post btw 🙂

  4. I am so happy I clicked on your post as I was googling “Do People Still Read Blogs” 🙂 I’ve been blogging for about 9 years and used to write daily. However, I got burned out because I couldn’t grow much more than about 100 subscribers. But, the funny thing is, you described “us” (writers) perfectly when you said we write and then shyly back away to see if anyone is actually reading. I struggle with sharing so much of my personal life, but then I’m a writer and it’s just hard to keep all of that to myself! I have actually weaned myself off FB and am going back to searching for good blogs that I can invest time in. Anyway, keep writing because someone like me will go searching to see if we should keep blogging and there you’ll be 🙂

  5. I came across this post via google search, which is how I typically end up at blog articles. I wouldn’t say I go looking for blogs, but sometimes blogs have the answers. Anyway, like I said, I found this post via search–because I have the same question. Is it even worth trying to maintain a blog? I feel like the only people who read blogs are other bloggers and writers–who are few, it seems. I don’t know, I just feel in a slump.

  6. Today my husband and I have a discussion whether we should start a blog and share info and even update our life with people who cares. Then it hit me, do people read blogs anymore? I have a blog 6years ago and has been inactive for quite awhile. But writing about life has always been in my blood haha. So when I changed upon your blog I was encouraged to read what you have said and felt maybe I should start again. Continue to be an inspiration!

  7. Hey, found your blog by googling, “do people write personal blogs anymore”? because I was really wondering. I feel just like you: I have to write it down, whether people read it or not. But I do kind of wish it was still a thing.

  8. Looks like I’m not the only one who found this post in an attempt to find out if blogging is dead. This was months ago but I’m glad to know people out there believe blogging is still alive and well.

  9. I came across this post via a Google search, and it’s given me encouragement to start a blog despite the fact that people may or may not read it, that I should just do it for myself anyway! So thank you 🙂

  10. Therapeutic practices can be cheapened by wondering how many followers, likes, or shares we writers get. But sometimes we have to know if there really is a listening ear out there. Hopefully these comments help prove that there are, even now it’s been over a year since this post. Write to process, to help your essence live on in print, and the readers will follow, the ones who are worthwhile anyway. Great post!

  11. Still not sure about how popular blogs are but I enjoyed reading your thoughts and ‘discussing’ it with you. 🙂 (Couldn’t you hear me chuckling, smiling and saying, “me toooo!”)

  12. hehe, I stumbled here by google search as well lol. I am not a blogger…but I have purchased a one word domain for $10 in a pretty popular subject and wondered if I should blog about it. I am not a writer, nor a blogger so I am very lost. Also, I feel people would not read it! It seems the majority of folks are on facebook and youtube and rarely comment on blogs and such…. I am interested in knowing how to earn from the site if people won’t read it… (shrugs).

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