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Let’s Talk New Writing Program: CAUSALITY

Happy 2018!

Crazy how another year has come and gone. 2017 was turbulent, to say the least. Here’s to determining a better outcome for this new year. With that comes new ventures and to start the year off, what I wanted to chat with you all about is, Writing Programs.

As writers, there are plenty of unique tools available that cater to different personalities and writing styles. You can find free programs that tend to aid in eliminating all distractions while you write; some more flexible than others. Then you have popular ones that you must purchase such as, Scrivener and Ulysses for authors. For screenplay writers there are interactive programs that offer free versions as well as paid full feature production packages like Celtx. When I was younger, I used to use the free version of Celtx for all my screenplays (TV/Movie scripts).

Now, my focus is on writing novels. Other than the free desktop apps to help eliminate distractions during writing sprints, when it comes to outlining and plotting, Scrivener seems to be the popular go-to program. Even NaNoWrimo, the annual creative writing contest has endorsed Scrivener in the past.

Scrivener isn’t every writers cup of tea. Writers have different personalities which lead to different approaches to their creativity. Great thing about the internet these days is that there’s something for everyone out there. So, let’s talk about a new program in the market for writers of all kinds.


Causality is a new kind of writing app where you develop your story visually, giving you an incredible overview of even very complex stories.


A couple months ago, I was approached about whether I’d be interested in trying out Causality. I was honored and once I perused their site, decided to check it out.

The old program I used to use to write screenplays with was only for TV/Movie production. Causality is in the works of releasing Book Mode. As with any of these interactive programs, at first glance, they may look intimidating but once you’ve got the general gist of its features and put in some practice, you’ll easily find your own groove and hopefully, discover a new, beneficial tool for your writing.


Work with your story the way it looks in your mind, but with a far greater ability to visualize the structure.



The goal is a story where all the storylines tie together, and everything in the story is there for a reason.

Most scripts develop this over many rewrites. In Causality, it’s a natural part of your first draft.

There’s something very visually appealing about Causality that pulls me in. Perhaps it’s because it reminds me of my plot boards that I make with index cards, highlighters, pens, etc. Other programs visually don’t stimulate me for plotting and writing so I normally just write on Word and plot using crafting tools. Personally, I need to see my story unfold visually in one glance. There’s nothing wrong with either approach. Everyone is different, hence, something for everyone.

At the moment, a big focus of the app is for TV/Movie production. And though much of the timeline and what they call, Story Logic (see image above: looks like the plot boarding below timeline) caters to scenes and timing of the production, it still serves as a great tool for authors of novels.

As writers, we’re familiar with the 3 Act Structure which Story Logic on Causality helps map out for you at a glance. Beat sheets and scene cards are all features novelists know and use within their writing process and is provided for in it’s own way with Causality.


Causality makes your story so clear that you demand more from it. The app forces
you to think about how all the events in your story fit together.

Screenshot 2017-12-05 18.53.29

I’ve been waiting for the Book Mode to officially release before I dive into a new draft of my story. Updates have already been released via emailing preparing us for the new changes soon.

If you’re looking for a new writing program to tinker with for the new year, definitely head over to the Causality link below:

Download the FREE version and play around with it. Don’t know where to start once you open the program? Luckily, Hollywood Camera Work who are the creators of Causality have provided easy to follow tutorial videos on YouTube or through their site to get you started!


If you’re a visual person as I am, you might really like Causality’s visual storytelling that’s great for not just drafting but revising. Changes you make by moving beats and scene “cards” around will affect your entire story in the app. If things don’t add up within your timeline anymore, Causality will let you know it. Just one of the many interesting features I’m curious to try out.

Just in case it needs to be said, this is not sponsored. I was approached and asked if I was interested in using Causality. Once I checked out their site, I was excited to give it a go and see if perhaps it would be a benefit to my writing.

Verdict is still out but as I play with the new Book Mode, I’ll definitely keep you all up to date.

Here’s to being productive and working hard toward the things we want this new year!



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