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If We Were Having Coffee: July 2017


Happy Monday, friends!

It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these featured posts. I loved the concept of this feature when I came across The Perpetual Page-Turner’s post a couple years back. One of my favorite things in the world is sitting with a friend over a cup of coffee, chatting.

Grab a mug of your drink of choice and let’s chat! I’m drinking Colombian brewed coffee with amaretto creamer. Lately, I’ve been missing the feel of fall in this sauna heat of summer and wanted to have a little fun with my drink. I infused my coffee grounds with some sprinkles of pumpkin pie spice before brewing. The smell and the hint of pumpkin is delicious. It puts me in a much needed happy place. What are you drinking?


Wherever I turn–on social media–I’ve stumbled across this book; Write Naked by Jennifer Probst. It’s been a while since I’ve bought a craft book and this one was calling to me. Finally, I got that nugget of knowledge shipped over.

write naked

Another one of my favorite things is reading about a writer’s journey–their publishing journey, their writing process, their daily rituals and routine as a writer. I’m always searching YouTube for any ‘Day in The Life’ type videos from authors. They’re sadly far and few in between. I’ve skimmed a couple chapters here and there and already, I’m loving Jennifer’s voice and how real she is in this book.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; it’s so sad when creative people hoard their knowledge and experiences in fear of someone taking them and surpassing them in success. So, when I come across successful people who happily share and gift us little people with what they’ve learned, it makes my heart happy. I think there’s room for all of us. The beauty of art is it’s in the eye of the beholder. There’s something for everyone.

I’ve got my sticky page-markers and highlighter ready to devour this book.


Last week, I dove into a long awaited book that went live early. Judging by her previous book which I read, I knew I was going to embark on an emotional read. I stayed up way too late (#NoRegrets) and read it in one sitting. To say I had the mother of all book hangovers the next day is an understatement.


Tied by Carian Cole is hauntingly beautiful and heartbreaking. Both main characters have experienced such gut-wrenching tragedy in their lives, you can’t help but feel your heart bleed for them. Their path leading toward emotional and mental freedom takes time and the hope and faith of one character’s child-like view of happiness and love.

I knew going in I was going to come out happy due to their previous release; the first book in this companion series. Torn (book 1) did what no other book of it’s concept has done. She took a taboo story concept that many fun, smut writers have delivered and actually made it a genuinely beautiful story of an older man and younger girl who journey through so much pain and growth till they finally find themselves free in love. *claps* Bravo, Carian Cole, bravo.

PS. Nothing wrong with the fun, smut, taboo versions that are currently popular in the erotic romance market. Again, the beauty of any art is that there’s something for everyone.

Personally, I was just shocked and impressed that someone took that taboo concept and actually made it work that way. It was brilliant.

Tied also did not disappoint. I’m still trying to recover for that hangover. *hugs pillow and soft blankie*


In not fun-book news, my laptop died. Dead. RIP. I feel like I’m missing a limb. It’s been 2 months. We were able to salvage 80% of the important stuff which is why I’m not spending my days rocking in a corner mumbling. The other reason I’m not rocking back and forth is cause we had just financed a new desktop for my mother’s business. I have momentarily adopted it for work purposes and such.

Because of this, I lost my video editing program hence YouTube videos for the CRW channel came to a screeching halt. *sigh*

Financially, I don’t see myself being able to get a replacement computer anytime soon which puts a lot of normal activities to a halt. It’s been a bit of a struggle and I’m trying to strategize how to create new routines and make it work.

The struggle is real.

Photo Courtesy of: Tahereh Mafi & Ransom Riggs

Welp, that’s all for today, folks. Hope your week is productive, adventurous, and loaded with tons of belly laughs because those are just the best.

Till next time,


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