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Quick Life + YouTube Channel Update


Oh, 2017, you’re definitely keeping me on my toes and we’ve just met!

With 2017, came tons of deep thoughts about life, where one finds themselves in this current time, what one wants for their future, etc. All the deep thoughts. *sighs, rolling her eyes*

Deep life thoughts are nothing new for me (because I overanalyze EVERYTHING) and in the past, they came with very little follow through when it came to certain desired changes. Subconsciously, I thought, if these things were meant to happen, then the universe would make them happen.

Pff! Yeah, well.

I’ve given the universe way too much damn credit and power and have wasted many a’ years waiting for things I want to happen instead of MAKING them happen.

This has been the new motto and determination I’ve had for this new year. Not to get too personal but I have desired many things in my life, especially creatively–among other things–and to a certain extent, you work hard for them but in part, you’re also waiting for life to make the other half of the equation happen.

I ran into a fortune cookie last year and before you laugh, it was perhaps the first and only fortune that stopped me in my tracks and I took seriously.

Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.

It challenged me, caused me to ask myself the tough questions. Was I really working hard enough, giving my BEST toward the things I want?

And the answer was, nope. I wasn’t. So, what was I going to do about it?

The first month of this new year has already been a bit overwhelming with huge shifts in my small business and also my family organizing a spontaneous move. And though, my brain wants to shut down and not work as hard as I could, I’m finding ways to be reinspired daily because there’s tons to do and falling more behind, leading me further and further from the things I really want will only hurt, frustrate, and disappoint me. Those aren’t healthy emotions I should be encouraging.

“Old habits die hard,” they say. Being kinder to yourself. Here’s taking it all one day at a time, challenging your level of true productivity and making our dreams, desires, and goals come true.

Welp, folks. This got a bit personal. I just needed to let that out and who knows, maybe someone else needed to “hear” it too.

Below is a quick YouTube channel update. Till next time, friends!



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