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My interview as a GIRL BOSS over at ThatMoxieChickStudio


Hey, friends!

Past few weeks have been a whirlwind, as you know and I’ve been playing catch up! One thing I missed sharing with y’all was a really cool opportunity I had a couple week’s back. Vanessa from That Moxie Chick Studio approached me about being interviewed for their feature, Social Sunday. So far, their guest hosts have been fellow GIRL BOSSES, like Vanessa. The interview touches on starting and running a small business.

This is the first time I’ve done anything like this and having to sit down and contemplate this last year as a small business owner was a real treat. I realized I hadn’t really taken a moment to take it all in. You compare yourself to others and their level of success and don’t even notice that you’re negating your own.

This was a random dream of mine, years ago. In just one year, we have a running, growing small business. That’s something to celebrate. We have almost eight thousand instagram followers which is crazy to me. And again, sure, in light of others whose numbers are FAR greater than ours, that still doesn’t cancel out where we are at. We’re still in the ‘everything goes back into the business’ phase, but we’re still here. We’re still growing. We’re connecting to many in the reading/writing communities which is a huge element I desired for the company. Not to just provide a product for this audience but to create a community as well.

I’m so grateful to my business partner and everything she provides to the business. I’m beyond grateful to all who have supported us.

Anyway, let me stop with the rambling mush. Feel free to hop on over to their site and read my interview!


Also, are you a lover of planners and all the stickers and wonderful accessories that add and build your planners and to-do lists? Moxie Chick Studio has the cutest merch! Check out their shop here! 

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