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NEW TEASER: Pre-order ‘Four Letter Word’ by J. Daniels

“Fate. Hate. Love. Lies.  Which four letter word will change their lives forever?”

Pre-order Four Letter Word by J. Daniels NOW:

Hey friends!


I’m here today with a new bookish nugget that I’m happy to share with y’all! I have been a huge J. Daniels fan for a few years now. I stumbled one day on her SWEET ADDICTION series by accident one night a few years back and was hooked. Luckily, after I delved in and fell in love with Reese Carroll, I wasn’t left deprived of more man goodness. She had the Bama Boys waiting for me in her other series, ALABAMA SUMMER SERIES. Oh, boy, was I glad I stumbled upon her books.


From there on, J. Daniels became an instant one-click author for me. Suffice to say, when I saw her promoting a new series, I became amped for it’s arrival so I can get my hands on it and escape into reading wonderland.


‘FOUR LETTER WORD’ already seems like it’s gonna be a wild, whirlwind of a read and I. CAN. NOT. WAIT! Definitely recommend a looksies! You can pre-order this baby now!
Until it’s release next month, if you haven’t read J. Daniels and you love flirty, sexy, sweet, swoon-worthy, antsy, fun reads, then get on that, ASAP!


Until next time, friends! HAPPY READING ❤

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