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ROAD TRIPS & TRAVEL: My Week in Georgia

Happy Tuesday, friends!

For my American folks, hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. Mine was very chill but what made it extra special was that I’m not home in Florida, I’m in Georgia!


One of my closest friends since childhood has picked up her life and moved to Georgia. Her original moving date got bumped up an entire month and I was told literally two days before, “Hey, want to come road trip with me to Georgia?”

Road trip out of Florida to somewhere new? Sign me up!

I gathered a luggage and prepped for the unknown. It was a nice twelve hours in total driving, including stops. I drove a good portion of that in the second car we took with her mom. Not gonna lie, we were definitely pushing no sleep and pushing through those last couple hours that felt like an ETERNITY!

Once we arrived, I was marveled by MOUNTAINS! I have never seen mountains before. I’ve barely traveled. As we’ve driven around, purposely getting lost, I have been awestruck by some of the views here. STUNNING houses hidden within large trees up curvy, steep hills.


Parts of me wish we did come in October. I lived in Missouri for a few years and what I miss most is Fall. I love the trees changing colors, the crisp, cool smell in the air that occasionally holds that burned leaves aroma that lingers. Oh, to wear boots and scarves! I could live in those. I’m definitely a cold-weather baby. How I have lived in a tropical state most of my life baffles me.

Work in the eight days I’ve been here has taken a major backseat due to the craziness of helping my friend get settled here. I’ve had a couple good reading nights before bed which have been wonderful. This week is the week to catch up on all the things. I’d love to sit somewhere and get some writing done as well. We shall see.


It’s going to feel surreal and break my heart a little to return home. Not because of HOME. I love and miss my room and my family; it’s Florida I have no desire returning to. I’m been ready to explore and live elsewhere for years so, having a taste of it now is such a tease.

Life’s circumstances haven’t allowed me to make that move yet, but here’s to hoping it can be soon.


Well, there it is, friends! I just wanted to hop on here and share my little venture. Almost like journaling about this week with y’all. Here’s to creating our futures with a little more doing, a little less wishing. ❤

~ I leave y’all with these quotes ~



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