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BOOK TALK: ‘THE DIVORCE’ By Nicole Strycharz




Jenzy: I love my husband, but he doesn’t see me anymore. We were college sweethearts and for seven years I’ve been his wife. Five of those years were bliss; the last two have been a long fall from grace.

He’s the love of my life, the sexy and smart man I saw my future with, but now I don’t think he sees it too. I’m tired of not being seen, I’m tired of not being heard, and I’m tired of being in love alone.
I was his optimistic hippie girl that he couldn’t get enough of. Now I’m just his annoyance.
So I told him, I finally found the backbone and this is our story….

Chris: My wife just told me she wants a divorce. What the hell do I say to that? I thought we were fine-well, fine is a bad word, I thought we were okay. Doesn’t matter what I think because she’s moving out and I can’t really let this happen.

Yeah, she annoys me, we’re total opposites, but I knew that when I met her, she hasn’t changed…maybe I have? I was her anchor, her safety, her home. Now I’m that guy that’s wreaked her and there are plenty of men willing to repair the damage I did.

So I have a plan. Find out what happened to change my affection for her within the last two years, and win her back before someone else does, because I still love her, and she still loves me….I guess….

This Booknerd’s Thoughts:

I have so many thoughts and feelings about this book that keeping it short and spoiler-free is going to be a struggle because after reading this book in one sitting, it’s been days later and these characters and their memories are still with me.

First off, the book is called, THE DIVORCE. This is NOT an easy concept to write and write well because one, clearly someone is at fault here. Most likely, the blame goes both ways but there’s probably one person who’s blame is greater. How do you write likeable, relatable characters where not one person is clearly the villain?

Nicole brilliantly presented us all the events necessary to not only experience but also understand the entirety of this couple’s marriage. Chris and Jenzy had a whirlwind romance when they first meet and slowly, we start seeing the pieces unravel on what in time, went wrong.

I felt like I experienced EVERY emotion with this book. I laughed, I cursed, I cried, I swooned, I switched sides so many times. Team Jenzy! Team Chris! One had my favor and then, BAM! Someone does something that changed it all for me again. Nicole weaved such a brilliant story!

I was so scared at times, not knowing how it would all end and how I would feel about it. Yet, she found a way to give us a full circle story that left me so satisfied. My eyes were still watery and I was full of emotions.

Don’t miss out on this emotionally, heartbreaking, beautiful story!



Nicole Strycharz has been writing historical romance for over ten years. Her passion for history fuels the creativity for her novels and she finds the tools there to create a compelling plot. Nicole lives in Virginia with her three children and is always working on the next book!

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