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This Week’s Bookish News: BOOKISH Adult Coloring & Book Recommendation

Hello, friends and happy Wednesday! 

The last couple weeks have been, well, interesting. Still working on that time management thing so I can stay consistent with my writing. Gotta get them ‘1000 Words for G’ going daily. But, today isn’t about my writing. Today is about some other bookish awesomeness that I wanted to share with y’all!


How many of you have seen all the awesome adult coloring books? They’re intricate designs made for coloring as a fun and therapeutic ‘me’ time activity. Some are themed; be it flowers, some about movie franchises, and someone even designed a curse word one which, I think is pretty hilarious and awesome.

Well, guess what, my bookish friends! There is now an adult coloring book catered to us book lovers! Author, Martha Sweeney (Just Breathe series) designed a beautiful adult coloring book called, BOOKISH!


Get Your Color On!! Bookish: Adult Coloring Book is Now Live

 ‪‎Amazon‬, ‪‎barnesandnoble‬, ‪‎BAM,‬ and more.


My days have been so hectic that I can’t wait to just sit in cozy pajamas and color away! There are so many cute sayings and designs inside. You guys definitely should get one! It just soothes the soul somehow. *happy sigh* 


I received the awesome opportunity to beta read an ARC of not only a good writer friend of mine but a talented storyteller. Nicole (Nikki) Strycharz has been writing romance novels for almost ten years. She has a love of history and in turn, has written a few historical romance novels. Lately, she has also dived into some contemporary romance with her recent release, MEADOW CREEK which I absolutely loved! Her main heroine was actually inspired by her mother who is now my hero. The things that our main character Sloan pulls in the book had my mouth gaped open and then in tears from laughing so hard.

Now, she brings us a new contemporary and holy moly, this book took me on a whirlwind journey of goodness!



‘THE DIVORCE‘ gives us the story of Chris and Jenzy. They’ve been married for years and now, our main girl, Jenzy finds herself needing to walk away because her husband doesn’t seem to notice or love her anymore.

I will be posting my review tomorrow when the book releases! I highly recommend this story and it’s available for pre-order now! All I’ll say for now is that, a story of that concept can be difficult to execute and Nicole weaved the story brilliantly.

That is my BOOKISH NEWS for the week! Hope you all are having a great week and are planning for an awesome (and safe!) Memorial Day Weekend. I’ll most likely be writing and reading which I’m more that happy with since I’ll finally have it off from my “day” job.

Till next time, friends!

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