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BOOK TALK: ‘THE DIVORCE’ By Nicole Strycharz




Jenzy: I love my husband, but he doesn’t see me anymore. We were college sweethearts and for seven years I’ve been his wife. Five of those years were bliss; the last two have been a long fall from grace.

He’s the love of my life, the sexy and smart man I saw my future with, but now I don’t think he sees it too. I’m tired of not being seen, I’m tired of not being heard, and I’m tired of being in love alone.
I was his optimistic hippie girl that he couldn’t get enough of. Now I’m just his annoyance.
So I told him, I finally found the backbone and this is our story….

Chris: My wife just told me she wants a divorce. What the hell do I say to that? I thought we were fine-well, fine is a bad word, I thought we were okay. Doesn’t matter what I think because she’s moving out and I can’t really let this happen.

Yeah, she annoys me, we’re total opposites, but I knew that when I met her, she hasn’t changed…maybe I have? I was her anchor, her safety, her home. Now I’m that guy that’s wreaked her and there are plenty of men willing to repair the damage I did.

So I have a plan. Find out what happened to change my affection for her within the last two years, and win her back before someone else does, because I still love her, and she still loves me….I guess….

This Booknerd’s Thoughts:

I have so many thoughts and feelings about this book that keeping it short and spoiler-free is going to be a struggle because after reading this book in one sitting, it’s been days later and these characters and their memories are still with me.

First off, the book is called, THE DIVORCE. This is NOT an easy concept to write and write well because one, clearly someone is at fault here. Most likely, the blame goes both ways but there’s probably one person who’s blame is greater. How do you write likeable, relatable characters where not one person is clearly the villain?

Nicole brilliantly presented us all the events necessary to not only experience but also understand the entirety of this couple’s marriage. Chris and Jenzy had a whirlwind romance when they first meet and slowly, we start seeing the pieces unravel on what in time, went wrong.

I felt like I experienced EVERY emotion with this book. I laughed, I cursed, I cried, I swooned, I switched sides so many times. Team Jenzy! Team Chris! One had my favor and then, BAM! Someone does something that changed it all for me again. Nicole weaved such a brilliant story!

I was so scared at times, not knowing how it would all end and how I would feel about it. Yet, she found a way to give us a full circle story that left me so satisfied. My eyes were still watery and I was full of emotions.

Don’t miss out on this emotionally, heartbreaking, beautiful story!



Nicole Strycharz has been writing historical romance for over ten years. Her passion for history fuels the creativity for her novels and she finds the tools there to create a compelling plot. Nicole lives in Virginia with her three children and is always working on the next book!

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This Week’s Bookish News: BOOKISH Adult Coloring & Book Recommendation

Hello, friends and happy Wednesday! 

The last couple weeks have been, well, interesting. Still working on that time management thing so I can stay consistent with my writing. Gotta get them ‘1000 Words for G’ going daily. But, today isn’t about my writing. Today is about some other bookish awesomeness that I wanted to share with y’all!


How many of you have seen all the awesome adult coloring books? They’re intricate designs made for coloring as a fun and therapeutic ‘me’ time activity. Some are themed; be it flowers, some about movie franchises, and someone even designed a curse word one which, I think is pretty hilarious and awesome.

Well, guess what, my bookish friends! There is now an adult coloring book catered to us book lovers! Author, Martha Sweeney (Just Breathe series) designed a beautiful adult coloring book called, BOOKISH!


Get Your Color On!! Bookish: Adult Coloring Book is Now Live

 ‪‎Amazon‬, ‪‎barnesandnoble‬, ‪‎BAM,‬ and more.

Amazon: myBook.to/BookishAdultColoringBook
B&N: http://tinyurl.com/gq7uau6
BAM: http://tinyurl.com/jtl9a5x

My days have been so hectic that I can’t wait to just sit in cozy pajamas and color away! There are so many cute sayings and designs inside. You guys definitely should get one! It just soothes the soul somehow. *happy sigh* 


I received the awesome opportunity to beta read an ARC of not only a good writer friend of mine but a talented storyteller. Nicole (Nikki) Strycharz has been writing romance novels for almost ten years. She has a love of history and in turn, has written a few historical romance novels. Lately, she has also dived into some contemporary romance with her recent release, MEADOW CREEK which I absolutely loved! Her main heroine was actually inspired by her mother who is now my hero. The things that our main character Sloan pulls in the book had my mouth gaped open and then in tears from laughing so hard.

Now, she brings us a new contemporary and holy moly, this book took me on a whirlwind journey of goodness!



‘THE DIVORCE‘ gives us the story of Chris and Jenzy. They’ve been married for years and now, our main girl, Jenzy finds herself needing to walk away because her husband doesn’t seem to notice or love her anymore.

I will be posting my review tomorrow when the book releases! I highly recommend this story and it’s available for pre-order now! All I’ll say for now is that, a story of that concept can be difficult to execute and Nicole weaved the story brilliantly.

That is my BOOKISH NEWS for the week! Hope you all are having a great week and are planning for an awesome (and safe!) Memorial Day Weekend. I’ll most likely be writing and reading which I’m more that happy with since I’ll finally have it off from my “day” job.

Till next time, friends!

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SURPRISE BLURB & COVER REVEAL: ‘Rein In’ (Willow Bay Stables #3) by Anne Jolin


Rein In photo

Release Date: Summer/Fall 2016

Look. At. This. Gorgeous. Cover! We just got book two goodness, ‘EIGHT-SECOND RIDE’ not that long ago & BAM! Anne Jolin tossed us Willow Bay Stables book three nuggets!

Anne Jolin has a couple great series that I love and you may have already read my, ‘HELL ON HEELS’ review to know I’m in love with that book so much.

Canadian cowboys? Yes, please! The Willow Bay Stables series has released book one, ‘CHANGE REIN’ and book two, ‘EIGHT-SECOND RIDE’ is due to be released soon! (Not soon enough) The covers to both her series make me happy. I LOVE the cover adjustments they made to her Rock Falls series.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 19.57.27

Rein In (Willow Bay Stables #3)


Daniels is the bleeding heart of her family. With a gift and a passion for helping to heal others, she has a legacy of kindness and gratitude—a modern-day saint.

Every Sunday since she turned eighteen, Aurora has driven three hours into the city of Edmonton, Alberta, where she volunteers at an equine facility that rehabilitates troubled youth by working with horses. With their increasing success rate, the facility is expanding to foster violent parolees in hopes of a more effective release into society.

Assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder—that’s what it says under the name on his sheet. Rhys White is released on good behaviour and promises to remain under contract for community service at the Equine for Hearts facility for a court-ordered period of twelve months.

Willow Bay’s saint may have stumbled across the one sinner who can’t be saved from himself.

Will Aurora be able to rein in Rhys’s quest for revenge before it’s too late? Or will she spend the rest of her life loving a man behind bars?

Now, run and add this beauty to your Goodreads TBR ➜ http://bit.ly/23Vgl7e





Hey y’all..

I was born and raised in Ladner, a small farm town just outside Vancouver, Canada.

I never expected to be an author. Writing was something that snuck up on me and rooted itself into my life. It was beautiful to discover that love, and I’m truly grateful to say I’ve found my passion.

If I could leave y’all with one thing, it’s that life’s far too short to not live it out loud. Drown in your passions, hold on tight to the things that inspire you, and chase your dreams relentlessly. I can promise you without a doubt that you won’t regret it. I know I don’t.

Mad love,

Anne Jolin

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When Writing, Does Your Reading Suffer?


Tee hee…I saw that and couldn’t resist.

Good afternoon, beautiful people! Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re all having a productive week and that each day ends with laughter and cuddles.

As some of you know, I’m back at it with the writing. Like Daniel and the white vans. Sorry, lame joke. I’ve got coffee running through my veins and I’m feeling good so, apologies on any hyper-delirious ramblings.

Writers? Here’s a question for you.

When writing, does your reading life suffer?

modefied A Writers Life

Reading, just as much as writing, is my happy place. My Home & Solace. I have writer friends who can not read at all now that they’re writing full time. Other writers, I’ve heard, don’t read while they’re drafting as a way to preserve the integrity of their own story. They don’t want to accidentally get inspired by someone else’s work and subconsciously incorporate those ideas into their story. Then, you have others who just give themselves days off to catch up on some leisure reading before returning to the writing grind.

When I go through my writing lulls, it’s really hard not to give into reading time that then turn into DAYS of just devouring books and leaving my poor characters I’m writing behind.

I’m the type of person who just can’t give up reading while I’m in the writing cave. I need it. It’s my mind’s anxiety medication. It helps me shut down from the world and find my happy place. I struggle between being an extremist. I’ve mentioned this before. I’m all white or black. Definitely not something that works to my benefit.

Now that I’m back to writing, I’m missing out on the already ever-growing TBR pile of books I have and want to get. Each new, promoted release taunts me. It calls to me to cuddle in bed, turn down the lights, fluff my pillows and spend the next 5-8 hours reading in one sitting. Sleep’s for the weak. *grins brightly* 

reading is my escape watercolor modefied

But, alas, I love my books too. I want to see them come to life. I want to share them with you all one day in the–preferably–near future. Being back in the writing cave schedule, I figure I can give myself the occasional day off so I can dive into a book once a week or bi-weekly. To some, that seems like a lot but I used to read one book practically every night. My nocturnal brain is totally okay with staying up till 3 or 4 in the morning. Now, instead of reading those nights, I’m back to writing and getting my ‘1000 Words For G’ word count done.

Last night was a good night. I had a busy CRW day with Melody and then spent the evening writing.

Screenshot 2016-05-11 16.32.18

That’s my Wednesday update, folks! I’m off to my “day” job soon but wanted to chat with you all on the booknerd woes of this writer. Let me know in the comments below what kind of Writer/Reader are you?

When Writing, Does Your Reading Life Suffer? 

Is it by choice or need? 

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WRITING BLOG: What I’m Writing & How it’s Going


Hello, beautiful people!

IT’S FRIDAY! Which, for most of you that means ‘the weekend’. Not the band. Me? Well, usually that’s when I work the most but I still mentally process the weekend as leisure fun time. When Monday comes along, I feel the pressure to be productive and get stuff done for my business and other ventures. Anyway, enough of that. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

My last couple blogs have been emotional, “eureka”, self-empowering realizations and declarations. I mentioned fighting for my dreams. I spoke on pushing aside pesky doubts and fear and just diving in to do it, even with the lingering voices trying to steer you away.

Well, I’m here to report…I’m writing. My soul is happy. The little Powerpuff Girl inside who was raging is back to being all ‘sugar, spice, and everything nice’.




A few blogs back, I shared with y’all the different Works-In-Progress I had on the shelf and the order I was planning to work them. Well…throw that whole plan out the window! Everything has changed.

My Young Adult post-apocalypse story is going to take a backseat for some time. I have some MAJOR plot shift ideas I want to work through and think that my attention needs to be spent on a different story and genre right now. I passionately love that story and the characters but I’m planning that as my second released project.

When it comes to self-publishing, the market is largely steering in certain directions. Though I’m taking this into consideration, I am not writing what’s momentarily high in demand and you shouldn’t either. The market shifts all the time and is completely unpredictable. You need to write first for you. You need to write the story that is genuinely speaking to you in that season. Once it does, you need to commit to it. In the end, you need to follow your gut and trust it, which is what I’m doing now. It’s been months of thought so I’m not making an irrational or emotional decision. That just wouldn’t benefit my story.

I technically never mentioned this project to y’all because I thought it would be FAR down the road before I even drafted it but here we are and my MC’s voice is speaking loud and clear. I’m also loving every minute. We’re gonna just say her name is, “G”. It’s a Romantic Comedy. It’s contemporary and the characters are adults. Just because I’m a cheese-ball and love visuals, here’s an unofficial teaser image of my WIP.


Making this and then getting a stamp of approval from some close critique partners was very surreal. It made the prospect of sharing this book with y’all one day (hopefully in the near future) very, very real.

How something so simple can hit you in the chest, squeeze your heart till your eyes threaten to leak. Pfft. Or maybe I’m just more emotional these days, which is very likely.

The title is still a work in progress. My goodness, I suck at coming up with titles. I feel such pressure to make them epic and catchy. I’ve drafted the first couple chapters and have outlined the first two ACTs. I mentioned previously how it’s been a bit hectic juggling my “day” job, my small business, writing, plus my marketing projects for the last two. Life took a large left turn on me and hit me all at once with an upgrade but not to fret! My trusty planner has become my BESTIE. I’m focused on getting better at time management.

Normally, I hit large word counts through binge-writing-sessions. That’s when I had larger gaps of time available back in the day. Now, if I’m going to finish my books, I’m going to have to be intentional about my writing time and making progress.

I decided I am giving myself a thousand words a day goal. I’m calling it,

1000 words for G

My goal is, hopefully, to make steady progress even if it’s just 1000 words a day. Before I’d have 5-10K word days and then a few days in between of nothing. I want to create a habit of being consistently immersed in my story even if for only 2-3 hours a day. For some, I get that may already seem like a lot. I’m just going by my previous process and what works for me now. It’ll look different for everyone.

I’m excited to explore G more. She’s bright and fun to write but definitely more complex inside. She doesn’t show people the true inner workings but she’s got a couple fantastic besties to help steer her along this new phase in her life which, she is MASSIVELY struggling with. She decides to focus on the wrong thing, hoping it will be the answer, the necessary shift for her life. I can’t wait to write all the shenanigans that will then lead to her needing to face what really has been the struggle in her moving forward.

That is my writing update, folks! As I make progress, I’ll be happy to jump on here and share with you all the ups and downs along the way. Currently, we, at Coffee Reading Writing are on a “WRITING” theme video train. Many requests for videos on different aspects of the writing process have been made so we’ve been having fun making those. Feel free to head over to our YouTube channel (video below) and check them out!

Till next time! HAPPY FRIDAY!

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Running a Small Business While Also Doing Life

My mood lately. =p

Hello, Hi, and How are y’all doing?

Lately, I seem to keep pulling these random run away hiatuses and then pop back in needing to explain once again why this blog’s been silent. My apologies!

Recently, the M.I.A. reasons have been one; being needed more at my “day job” due to losing our main person who moved out of state, two; battling some physical and mental health frustrations, and last; running and building up a small business.

Yeah, and let’s not even get into how all the above have interfered with my writing because that just induces the angry Powerpuff Girl inside who’s screeching with rage.


As some of you may know, my good friend and I started last July our company, Coffee Reading Writing and turned it into an LLC this past January–which is still surreal to think about.

I remember a few years ago when this was just a concept in my little heart. The beginning plans started out VERY small in my mind. I hoped for bigger but just didn’t see how I, ME, would get it there.

This past weekend was our first BIG event as vendors at an author convention, WICKED BOOK WEEKEND. As I look back at everything we were able to prepare and accomplish, I almost can’t believe we have only been a business for less than a year. I am so grateful to my business partner who has been my perfect better half through all this. I could not have accomplished everything CRW has become without her.

                                         At Wicked Book Weekend
                         Our table all set up at Wicked Book Weekend!

The event held 350 attendees and about 50 authors. We had the great opportunity of being a vendor for the event where we displayed and sold our custom designed mugs catered to book lovers, writers and caffeine addicts (that includes both coffee and tea). *wink*


                      It was official! We were on the bottom right corner, right at the entrance!

Melody and I had so much fun and it was a great experience. Her sister-in-law joined us and helped out at our booth which was GREATLY appreciated. We weren’t sure what to expect but the response toward the mugs was very positive and we had a great flow of people the entire day of the event. We refreshed ourselves later that night for the crazy, awesome after party.

                                       We are so being photo bombed by R.K. Lilley.

To make this short, building Coffee Reading Writing, LLC has been a surreal labor of love. I think in the back of my mind, CRW was still this “little side hobby”. I wasn’t seeing it (out of fear) for all the possibilities it can grow and be; how others may one day look at it as a legit, income-making business. I didn’t see it…until this past weekend. It was the first time it hit me. We can make this into something.

Building a small business while doing life isn’t always easy. Especially when everything coming in is still going back in for building purposes. So, of course, you need a day job that is producing some type of income. That then leaves less time to dedicate to the business you’re growing. Toss in another not-so-easy or financially convenient career dream such as being a Writer–Pfft!–and now, you’re splitting yourself into three major life priorities and still trying to figure out all the other little things in between; family, friends, personal enjoyments, health, and fitness, etc.

In my previous post, BOOKS: Let’s talk ‘HELL ON HEELS’ by Anne Jolin, I mentioned that book tying into this update post. “How, Desiree?” Well, that book encouraged me to take a raw and vulnerable look into perspective. In this author’s bio, she says,

“…life’s too short to not live it out loud. Drown in your passions, hold on tight to the things that inspire you, and chase your dreams relentlessly. I can promise you without a doubt that you won’t regret it.”

My 20’s are barely behind me and I lived my life pursuing passions at an early age that didn’t pan out. I worked corporate America jobs out of necessity and I gave myself to a career that in the end, took 8 years to figure out wasn’t meant for me. I don’t want to live with regrets anymore.

I am beyond lucky to have a supportive family. And while every ounce of me fights with guilt and doubt because of other people’s perspectives on what my life “should look like” for a woman my age, I choose to fight for my dreams. I choose to pursue them relentlessly, unapologetically. Life IS too short. I lost a brother four years ago who was 42–way too soon.

Building this small business was once just a dream. Storytelling has been a dream that I’ve pursued countless avenues to fill and I’m finally happy and proud to say I have found a home in writing stories, creating literary fiction–books.

Making dreams a reality while doing life is hard. But it’s not impossible. It’s going to take work. It’s going to take you fighting everyone and even at times, yourself for it. Do what you must do in the meantime but don’t apologize for making your dreams a priority. People will come and go. Those who stick around during the quiet, confusing, difficult times will be worth having in the end; knowing who the true ones are.

I didn’t intend for this to turn all “deep” but let’s just say, I needed this. I needed to get these thoughts off my chest and share them with y’all.


Here’s to chasing what gives us a piece of ourselves back with reckless abandon, all while doing life.  

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BOOKS: Let’s Talk “HELL ON HEELS” by Anne Jolin


Hello, beautiful folks of the internet!

I know, I know. It’s been forever. I keep performing this same song and dance but I have words to share with y’all in regards to that. I’m preparing a post with all the lovely ranting to come soon.

Interesting enough, this book I’m sharing with y’all today is in direct correlation to the next post where I explain all the things about where I’ve been; Running a Small Business While Also Doing Life.

Let’s get into it! We’re talking about ‘HELL ON HEELS’ by Anne Jolin. 

Anne Jolin sharing paperbacks at #ECAE2016

Seriously, where the hell do I even begin with this book? This is definitely a, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ case. Promotions rolled in presenting us, The Charleston Three; Beau, Dean, and Maverick. This book seemed like it would be about a strong, independent woman who rocked some killer heels as she takes over the world unapologetically and juggles three men along the way. But, my goodness, people! This story was SO MUCH MORE than you can possibly imagine.



I had the kismet pleasure of meeting Anne at this year’s Wicked Book Weekend in South Florida. You know when you meet someone for the first time and just instantly connect. Later, you process and believe wholeheartedly that meeting them was not a coincidence. That is what happened for me when I met Anne. I briefly shared with her my struggle to accept my dream as a writer even if that meant changing career paths later in life and living in a way others would frown upon. Her encouragement and belief in me was genuine. I needed her words and kindness that day.

As many of you who follow this blog may know–because I’ve written plenty on it–I’ve struggled through the writing process. Mostly due to outside voices, doubt, and anxiety. My writing had taken another pause which made my soul very unhappy. But before I get ahead of myself, back to my story leading to this book.

After the event, I had this book in hand ready to be devoured. Anne had warned me it was like nothing she had written before and that it was a story she had to fight for. It was very dear to her heart and involved the addiction of a loved one.

From the prologue, I knew I was in deep. I instantly felt a mirror slowly rising up to face my soul through this book. Chapter one, I laughed and high-fived our main heroine, Charleston for her thoughts and perspective on life and the dating culture that I’m always preaching to my friends about.

Charleston Smith is a gorgeous woman. A woman with real curves (and I don’t just mean boobs which seems to be the general definition in books but no, I mean everywhere) and she isn’t the sad or dowdy girl who doesn’t embrace them. She dresses her body like a woman taking charge. She loves fashion, has her own successful company that allots for the high-end pieces and accessories she dresses her body in, and the woman loves and wears her heels. Even when she’s walking from work to lunch and back, taking the stairs for a little cardio boost in her day, and she’ll still eat the damn cupcake if she wants.


On the outside,  Charleston Smith was a ‘Princess’ on top of the world who could charm and beguile any man. In fact, we see, in the course of a year, Charleston dates a saint, a sinner, and a mere mortal from her past–The Charleston Three.

the charleston three

Now, if you think you have this story pegged, let me burst that bubble because nothing could prepare you for the journey a year in the life of Charleston Smith will take you. No, don’t worry, I won’t rob you of the experience. This will be a NO SPOILER ZONE!

In my professional life, I was a sniper. In my personal life, I was a mess. -Pg. 13

Our main character has lost someone very dear to her due to addiction. “You’re my angel, with no halo, and one wing in the fire.” This loss propelled Charleston to venture into her own addiction.


I use people. Not in a malicious way, but in the way an addict abuses their substance of choice. People are my vice–men specifically. I crave the emotional high they give me with a unique and reckless disregard for my own well-being–eagerly floating into an unsustainable euphoria. 

This isn’t your typical “fun”, sex-filled soap opera that leads to your usual happily ever after (and hey, I love those stories too). This story will grip your heart, make you shed a few tears, and in the end, leave you looking at yourself, perhaps a little raw and vulnerable but it’ll be an achingly beautiful experience nonetheless. The true hero rises and conquers in the end. There is a happy ending, it’s just not what you may expect and I loved it.

I believe there’s a piece of Charleston Smith in us all and that is why everyone needs to read this book!

Loving the ugly parts of ourselves isn’t easy, but if we can’t love them, how can we expect someone else to? -Pg. 96


I can go on and on about this book but will end my shared thoughts of it with y’all here. There are so many quotable lines and these 265 pages are full of so much wisdom that we are not just told of but see unfold in our main heroine’s life. I loved this book. I loved that I had to journal right after and gush and confront certain things about myself. I personally struggle with my own darkness inside that I’m learning to fight daily and for that reason, I know that’s just one of the reasons this book hit all the right spots for me. I will be rereading this one for sure. I highly recommend it!


Amazon US





rock falls series


Anne-1 Hey y’all..

I was born and raised in Ladner, a small farm town just outside Vancouver, Canada.

I never expected to be an author. Writing was something that snuck up on me and rooted itself into my life. It was beautiful to discover that love, and I’m truly grateful to say I’ve found my passion.

If I could leave y’all with one thing, it’s that life’s far too short to not live it out loud. Drown in your passions, hold on tight to the things that inspire you, and chase your dreams relentlessly. I can promise you without a doubt that you won’t regret it. I know I don’t.

Mad love,

Anne Jolin