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I’m Here…Sort Of – Writing and Coffee Reading Writing

Hey, Hi, Howdy, Hiya doin’ everyone?


Things have been a little hectic lately, hence I’ve been a bit M.I.A from thee blog. I wanted to pop in and say, “Hey,” and just leave a little update for those bored enough to read this and are interested. *high fives you for reading* 


So, good things. Well, my company, Coffee Reading Writing, LLC. has had a great start to the new year. Our huge flash sale for Valentine’s went brilliantly! It was so overwhelming, in the best way, seeing the response and support. Lots of gifts were purchased for friends and loved ones. We had put it out there that we would decorate the ones being sent out as gifts. It was so much fun getting all festive with them. I almost wished we could be there to see some of the reactions to their festive LOVEMUGS.

We have a few exciting things set up for the next few months coming up. We’re working hard to built CRW to reach all coffee loving, booknerds and writers out there. I’ll share some of the upcoming news with you all here soon.


In the midst of all the good business stuff, I’ve been sick a lot lately, lots of annoying migraines and some personal family stuff so it’s been a little difficult to be as efficient as I had planned to be for the new year. When life has felt overwhelming, I’d just tuck myself in bed, find a fun, quick read and disappear for the rest of the day. It’s been my therapy to staying sane.

Writing. My poor writing. It’s constantly on my mind. The days I’m not busy with CRW or working at my part time at the paint and party studio, are of course, the days my brain and body shut down on me, causing my writing to take another rain check.


It’s frustrating when the only thing holding back your writing, is you. Do you know how many of my book ideas would have already had first drafts done by now? GR!!! One writer blogger I’ve followed for years updated on her publishing news and how she’s having difficulty finishing her second book’s draft. Today, she posted the blog and this picture of her desk area struck me like a zap of electricity.


It’s little reminders to herself as she sits in front of her computer and struggles with writing. The post-its say:

  1. Trust the process.
  2. Keep going.
  3. It’s only a first draft.
  4. Ps. Um…”dream job” — Remember?!

It was so perfect for how I’ve been feeling that I just had to jack it from her.


As always, coffee is my friend. My constant affair, lover. It gets me through the days. Today. Today, all my good coffee had ran out. All I have is this accidentally bought-turn back up blend that no matter how much I tweaked it, just didn’t taste good. No car today to run out and get the good stuff. Gr. After being sick for 4 days, in bed–except for when I dragged my ass to work and smiled when I had to–I woke today, growled, rolled off the bed and was determined to attack my shit piled high to-do list only to realize….no good coffee. I felt Thor’s rage up there, only, I wanted another coffee blend, dammit!


That’s my update folks. So good stuff, some great, some…well, not so great but hey! Tomorrow’s another day. ‘Dream Big. Work Hard,’ right? Right!

Here’s to getting shit done, friends! HUZZAH!


One thought on “I’m Here…Sort Of – Writing and Coffee Reading Writing

  1. Yeah it hits hard when you realize the only thing in the way of your dream job is you. I just keep reminding myself, all I have to do is get this one book published, then the rest will fall into place.


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