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It’s that time of year; the month of love! While everyone else scurries to find the perfect red rose, delectable chocolate goodness, and bling bling gift that will make his or her eyes sparkle, why not do something a little different?


Welcome to our LOVEMUG FLASH SALE!


My company, COFFEE READING WRITING wanted to share the love and have a fantabulous FLASH SALE before Valentine’s Day!


Check out our YouTube announcement!

Would you like us to decorate your order as a GIFT?
No problem! Be sure to leave us a note when placing your order on Etsy letting us know it’s a GIFT and we’ll be sure to give it an extra little touch of love.
Don’t miss out on this great flash sale deal available through 2-7-16 (Sunday) and have them shipped in time for Valentine’s Day!
Buy your lovebug a lovemug for this Valentine’s Day.



Desiree Marie is a writer, majestic entrepreneur, and blogging demigoddess. She is rumored to have been birthed from the ashes of the phoenix, though we all know that’s silly–she’s clearly a unicorn. Her hobbies include sleeping, reading, sleeping, writing, sleeping, laughing, and sometimes sleeping. She’s also involved in a torrid affair with coffee. Don’t try to steal her man or she’ll cut a bitch.

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