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Happy National COFFEE Day!!!

It’s one of the best days of the year! 

Not that I knew until this year there was such a day but, YAY, HAPPY NATIONAL COFFEE DAY


The day is almost over and as many of you are trickling out of work, guess what? Your evening fix of coffee is waiting for you somewhere and it’s FREE! Today, our great nation celebrates the beauty and wonder of the glorious nectar of the gods. COFFEE. Of course, as the coffee addict that I am, I had to give a small ode to Coffee.

Online, if you search out “National Coffee Day 2015”, you will find sites listing the establishments that are offering a specific coffee item from their menu today that will be free. One per customer.

I myself didn’t venture out today but I still enjoyed a delicious and toasty Hazelnut coffee for free, here in the comforts of my very home where I can walk around braless and with no pants. Okay, I’m wearing pants and surprisingly, contacts. Normally, it’s glasses when I’m working from home.

Some of you may know about the company my good friend Melody and I started. Currently, we are designing and selling mugs and we just got our newest order which I’ve been so excited about. Since it’s dedicated to the Coffee Lover, it seemed appropriate to talk about it today on the blog. From our exclusive LOGO COLLECTION, here is our coffee lover mug.

picmonkey edit 2

picmonkey edit COFFEE

picmonkey edit

“Happiness is a cup of coffee”

Being that the company is called, Coffee Reading Writing, we will be creating a featured mug representing each facet of our logo. First up was Coffee. Next will be Reading.

Previously, we released a Writer mug, “Eat Sleep Write”. Check it out!

Photo Sep 02, 1 15 10 AM

Photo Sep 02, 1 17 23 AM

Check out all our current designs over at our Etsy shop. Click and go to and order yours today! 

Enjoy your coffee today! SIP HAPPY.

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