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Memes Talk: Holy Productive Work Day Batman

Oh yeah! We totally got shit done, y’all.


Hey friends! Though the title says, “Memes Talk,” it looks like Gifs actually dominated this category. I went looking for memes that would express all the celebratory feels but all I saw were the opposite. Memes claiming their #sorrynotsorry about not being productive which, well, on most days, I feel I relate to those more hence, today, I’m sharing the awesomeness of yesterday.


download spongebob-rainbow-meme





It’s interesting because the night before, I could not for the life of me shut my brain the hell up. I had an early wake up call because Melody, my business partner was coming over for our usual full work day. I tried to be good. I turned off the lights and was there, lying in bed waiting.

“Sleep? Anytime now. Really. I’m here, I’m willing and ready…” *cue crickets*


Some time after 5am, sleep finally took a sledgehammer to my rambling brain and knocked me out. Come 9:40am, that alarm was blaring for me to wake up. 11887994_10154210278614768_6027873607594176516_n

Let’s just say, me and mornings, well, it’s just not pretty. I’m somewhere between a grunting zombie and vicious lion protecting it’s piece of prey meat; aka. My Coffee.

Come work o’clock, when Melody arrived, we both felt exhausted which made me think, our work day was gonna be one of those dragging-forced-productivity days. Color me freaking surprised when five hours later, we were productive ninjas! We were getting shit done from start to finish. I don’t think we have ever tackled our to-do’s so efficiently as we had yesterday.

giphy yes


We freaking rocked it from noon till 12:30am. This business is one of many projects we each individually have. Though we’re working and in communication daily, Tuesdays are usually our day to meet up and do all the things, hence the twelve hour day.




Granted, we were still delirious the entire day. I was waiting for the crash to happen any minute where we’d both be talking and bouncing a mile a minute and suddenly just DROP. Some weird unicorn magic was in the air because it never happened. We just rocked it cause we’re awesome like that.


So, that’s my story time for today, folks! I was still marveling at all the awesomeness we got done yesterday and wanted to share those emotions with y’all in the best way this enchanting place called, the internet now provides us. Gifs and Memes.

Something else I’m really excited about. We officially got our domain name for the company! For now, instead of needing to give out the Etsy shop web address (which is long and can get confusing or become hard to find), now you can just go to:


Bomb Diggity!

Thanks for stopping by today. Always nice to have y’all over for my rambling randomness. You all are awesome and make my days happy. Hope you’re having a productive Hump Day. Till next time!

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