The Leisure Life

Just Another Manic Monday


Hello friends!

How’s August treating y’all? August has been a bit of a bastard; rough start and all that jazz. Remember that quarterly goals schedule I wrote about a few weeks back? No? Let me refresh you with this shiny link right….*displays Vanna White hands* here~~~> Quarterly Goals: Writing, CRW business & more

How’s that going, you may ask? Not terribly since it’s only been less than a month since I set the goals. As of now, two of the nine quarterly goals have been completed. *pats self on shoulder* Not bad, if I do say so myself. Even still, there are a few of the remaining seven goals that should have started getting weekly attention since the month of August began.

All to say, this was the week. The week. You know, the one you prep for all weekend, determined to make Monday the day of PRODUCTIVITY. Do y’all do that? Get yourself really hyped over a Monday. Whether it’s starting a new diet, or going to the gym, or telling yourself, “Come Monday, I will take that first guitar lesson.” At some point in time, “Monday” became the start button. “Screwed up” your diet. “Eh. I’ll start over Monday.” Were you supposed to wash the car? “You know what, I’ll just do it Monday.”

Monday. That little sucker became a staple in time, like a “do-over” in a Nintendo Mario game. This Monday–today–was supposed to be that “unpause” button. The, “I will begin the goals and lifestyle changes I set in place to have started…two weeks ago.” Only, waking up earlier in the day has resulted in many snooze delays on my morning alarms–alarms being plural because I set like four.

I woke this morning…fine. I won’t lie. I woke, officially, this afternoon and thought, “Just another manic Monday. I wish it was Sunday, cause that’s my fun day…” Sing it with me. Too young to know the song? Here’s a taste of “The Bangles”.  Oh, 80’s videos, you guys crack me up. You were the best!

While I had my to-do list all ready for tackling, it was just not happening. I had been sick in bed the entire weekend, which also threw everything off. My trusty ‘sister from another mister’ came to the rescue and turned this failed Monday around. She kidnapped me, treated me to a tasty Five Guys burger “brunch”, (I’m using a lot of air quotes today) rented a movie and chilled with some junk food. Not technically a productive win, but my heart and tummy were happy. We chillaxed on them recliners, rubbing our food babies.

five guys foos

I even donned my new “I’m a writer. I hate people” tee my friend Jenna created and we had teespring make for a campaign.


It’s okay, Monday. You might have won this battle, but not the war. You and me. Next week. Same place. Different time cause I will be ON IT! Here’s to tomorrow. *clinks coffee mugs* and a productive business day with CRW. (Our Coffee Reading Writing company)

Till next time, folks!

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