My Week in Memes

I have been sitting in front of this darn computer, staring at the damn screen for hours…HOURS! After days of attempting to figure out what to write, genius hit me over the head like Rafiki’s stick. (cue: Lion King reference)

“I won’t write anything specific at all! I’ll just show them through the wonderful world of ‘memes’ what my week has been like.”

So, here it is folks! My week….in memes.


which meant….every two hours was Coffee O’Clock


Any time I attempted production and failed, hours later I’d just crawl back to bed and read an entire book in one sitting. Yup.


For the record, I have a LARGE ass! *snickers* Sorry. TMI?




Seriously! Why do people–who should KNOW better–attempt communication first thing I’m up? Do you have a death wish?



Four days in front of the computer like this…


In conclusion…each day ended like this. Every. Time.


Here’s to hoping for a productive pick up.

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