Monday Memes: How you doin’


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“Oh, hello Monday…”

Ah, that feeling of starting a new week. Let the do-overs begin! My weekend was good. My Sunday was quite productive. I’m patting myself on the back here. Why? Well, after procrastinating for far too long, letting fear and anxiety of the unknown cripple me, I FINALLY STARTED EDITING MY MANUSCRIPT!

Here, I have proof!

Screenshot 2015-08-24 15.55.42

This was my work-space for the evening. My poor desk still has the residue marks from when we taped down the drawers on moving day…six years ago.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 15.55.34

And there it is. Page one. Red pen. Dissected. I can only imagine this being just the first round.

I had been building this up in my head for so long. I panicked about using the damn red pen. The pressure to make such big decisions. Stupid thoughts ran through your mind. “If I couldn’t get it right the first time, who says I’ll know how to edit and make the story better?” But even Stephen King and J.K. Rowling have first drafts that are far from perfect and get painted RED during editing. Calm down, Desiree. *slaps face* *tosses cold water in face* 


After being in writer mode all weekend–aka. no bra, no makeup, glasses, hair a nest on top of head–here is Monday, making me “Adult” and all that shizzz.





Well, since pretending it’s not Monday won’t really change the FACT that it’s Monday, I guess there’s only one thing to do.


Let’s make Monday our bitch!


Till next time! 😉

Lets Talk BOOKS

DNF: I hate not finishing books!


Get ready for a bit of a rant, y’all! Now, I know this can’t just be me but I have this little OCD-like quirk when it comes to books. No matter how much I am not enjoying a read, I will push through. I will keep this teeny tiny unicorn poop pellet of hope that maybe, just maybe, things will get better. Why?



I don’t know what it is but it bothers me. My friend Melody is the complete opposite. She is perfectly capable of having no conflicting emotions whatsoever about marking a book DNF and moving on.

“I don’t give a fuck. I don’t waste no time.” *sings* “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”


I have never DNFed a book before. Even some really crappy ones. I read one a couple months ago that irked the living hell out of me. I was so passionately irked, I just had to run to Amazon and leave my frustrations in a 2-star review. I avoid reviewing books that I may give a low rating to. I want to support and encourage more times than not but this one was just not getting away without a rant. I felt all that and I STILL finished that damn book. The incomplete factor in a book gives me hives. Even if they were a Free One-Click. Imagine the ones I PAID for. Even more so, I want to make sure I finish them.

Well, the day came, folks.


There are a couple books that I marked as “currently reading” on Goodreads that have been sitting there…waiting…incomplete status. I’ve been telling myself that I’ll eventually get to them because hopping on my Goodreads and seeing them there as “currently reading”–STILL–and knowing others see it, gives me anxiety.

I had to finally ask myself the real and hard questions.

“Desiree. Are you really going to finish it? Are you even interested in going back in? Do you even remember what the hell is happening in the story?” *crickets*


This has happened before and I have gone back just to get it over with and finish. This time around though, I must be honest and admit that it’s just not going to happen. I don’t even remember what happened in the story. Le sigh. And so, we have Desiree’s first DNF. *hangs head in shame*



Let’s look at my list of “Currently Reading” from my Goodreads page and discuss which are getting the dreaded, “DNF” marking and the ones I’m still holding out hope for.

The List:

the allure of julian lefray

Oh, Julian. Julian, Julian. I was so excited for this. I had actually seen a book blogger post a beautiful picture on Instagram with this book that had just released. Some of you already know I’m a book cover slut. If I see one that just smacks me in the gut like a hot guy passing by, turning and giving you that grin that oozes alluring pheromones; Pfft! You’ve got me! *wipes drool from side of mouth* 

Funny, that the very title of this one gave that exact feel and scenario. The Allure of Julian Lefray” by R.S. Grey seemed cute, sexy and promising. I remember purchasing it and jumping right in.

Lately, I’ve been on a New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance kick. I haven’t forgotten you YA, I’ll come back, but I’ve just been in the mood for funny, sweet, sexy reads.

Normally, I’ll finish these in one sitting. The fact that I got as far as 80% and for some reason stopped makes me wonder. Something must not have been grasping my attention. Sadly, for the life of me, I can’t even remember anything about the story. Nothing. If I can’t recall any events from the book, that tells me something.



It’s been weeks. I’d look at my Kindle, starting a whole new adventure in another book and think, “Should I?” Nope. That was always my lackluster response. Finally, this morning I crossed, once again my Goodreads and it was there. Staring at me. Mocking me. The incomplete failure that all have seen, sitting there, festering. (Yes, I’m well aware of my dramatics) I asked Melody about DNFs and how she goes about it on her GR (goodreads) and she talked me off the shame spiral I was taking myself through over intentionally choosing not to finish a book.


And so I did it. I marked my first DNF today. It was both liberating and cringe-worthy, but felt like freedom all the same. It was official. I removed this weight off my shoulders. Sorry Julian, the allure was there. Your staying power? Not so much. Hmm *strokes imaginary beard* this could totally be a life metaphor about guys and dating but if I start on that train, we’re gonna be bunny trailing this little blog post WAY off course.

On to the next book’s life sentence!

Since youve been gone

Now, here’s a book that I was really excited to get–okay, maybe I should stop saying that ’cause I seem to say this about every book. I bought this fresh, sunny, summer read and took it on a roadtrip with me.

I began reading Since You’ve Been Gone” by Morgan Matson and it was cute and mysterious. There’s this whole premise about one from the bestie duo who just up and disappeared and no one knows anything about how or why. The mystery factor is what keeps you pushing through, wanting to know. There’s also a list left to the bestie behind, challenging her to do things outside of her comfort zone.

All this sounded like an adorable and enjoyable read. Somewhere along the way–I’m guessing around 43%–I was feeling a little worn out waiting for the mystery to be solved. I became invested, hoping for the MC’s possible love interest sub-plot to pick up but the story started dragging and I just put it on pause. This was back in December.

Now, I don’t think I will DNF this one. I want to finish it. I’m curious and do remember the events of what I’ve read so far. So, this one survives the chopping block. I will finish you one day–hopefully before the end of the year.


Beautiful Ellixir

Oh, Beautiful Elixir” by Addison Moore, how I wanted to like you. I really did. But, holy hell, I’ve never disliked a main character/heroine so much before. I have been an avid reader of Addison Moore. She was one of those Automatic one-click authors for me. I loved her “3am Kisses” series and read and enjoyed the first two books in the “Beautiful Oblivion” series. This here is the third book in that series. I should’ve known something was up when I read the latest from her “3am Kisses” series and for the first time, did not enjoy it. I was sadly, disappointed. I expected so much more and it just fell flat. Then I saw this one come out and started it.

47% later I just stopped. I’m surprised I got that far but like I’ve been saying, I have a thing about not finishing a book. I just cant do it–till now. Let me just say, when it comes to New Adult/Adult contemporary romances, I forgive A LOT from main characters and their romantic leads. I go in usually not taking them all that serious. I read a lot of NA/Adult romance for the fun thrill of it. Sometimes, you find those authors that just do it right. But not always.

Anyway, this was just one MC I could not forgive and get past. This chick was a pathological liar and there was nothing appealing or redeeming about her. The entire time I’m thinking, “What the hell is wrong with this guy? Why is he into her?! She’s horrible! She’s so flippant and irritatingly indecisive.”


The more I read, the more annoying she was. My main characters by no means need to be perfect but there was nothing likable about this chick. Again, this has happened to me before and I STILL pushed through and finished those stories. This one? I just couldn’t.


So, after this liberating and nerve wrecking decision, I thought long and hard–okay, not that long or hard–and decided this book will just have to be the second victim in the DNF fate of books.


My Life Next Door

Ah, cute YA contemporary. This is one of the good ones. I know it is! I was really enjoying it, I remember. I believe I read that 45% of My Life Next Door” by Huntley Fitzpatrick in one sitting. Don’t ask me what happened because I couldn’t tell ya. At some point I stopped and never picked it back up.

I plan to. This is one of those I will not DNF. I want to finish and relish all the cuteness. Unfortunately, I am Dori (forgetful character from Finding Nemo) so I don’t remember much if anything about what I have read. It was a while ago so, I’m gonna say that’s the reason.

Fear not, cuties, once I find myself in that ‘easy breezy YA contemporary’ feel again, you and I. It’s a date.


Last but not least…


This book. This. Book. I had bought this during the hype of the upcoming conclusion to the series, Champion was about to be released. Legend” by Marie Lu was the YA book that year. The entire series was being praised and if you read YA, then you just had to have read this.

I got it. I cracked it open and started reading. For some reason, Goodreads won’t give me a percentage progress on this so I marked it as 60 pages out of 305. Not very far…


I liked what I had read thus far. Dystopian is my favorite genre. I love it hence I’m even writing in the sub-genre myself. This is one of the Dystopian books that everyone is telling me I must read. I know. I’m sorry! I believe what happened was that at the the time I cracked this open, I just wasnt in that mindset to read it. I was in the mood for something completely different. Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood for a certain type of read and that has nothing to do with that particular book. The book could be amazing! You’re just not ready to read it at that moment.

Well, that’s what happened here. Unfortunately, that pretty thing up there has been sitting and waiting…and waiting. I just havent found my way back to it. With that said, this puppy’s not getting the DNF stamp. I will most definitely be reading this and the following two in the trilogy. When? Not sure, but it’s gonna happen, dammit.


Oh, brother. That was all a mouthful. I hope you all enjoyed and hopefully, I’m not the only one in this struggle out there. Do you DNF? Are you a little neurotic like me and NEED to finish books even if they’re sucking?

Where do you stand on marking books DNF? Let’s talk about it!


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Memes Talk: Holy Productive Work Day Batman

Oh yeah! We totally got shit done, y’all.


Hey friends! Though the title says, “Memes Talk,” it looks like Gifs actually dominated this category. I went looking for memes that would express all the celebratory feels but all I saw were the opposite. Memes claiming their #sorrynotsorry about not being productive which, well, on most days, I feel I relate to those more hence, today, I’m sharing the awesomeness of yesterday.


download spongebob-rainbow-meme





It’s interesting because the night before, I could not for the life of me shut my brain the hell up. I had an early wake up call because Melody, my business partner was coming over for our usual full work day. I tried to be good. I turned off the lights and was there, lying in bed waiting.

“Sleep? Anytime now. Really. I’m here, I’m willing and ready…” *cue crickets*


Some time after 5am, sleep finally took a sledgehammer to my rambling brain and knocked me out. Come 9:40am, that alarm was blaring for me to wake up. 11887994_10154210278614768_6027873607594176516_n

Let’s just say, me and mornings, well, it’s just not pretty. I’m somewhere between a grunting zombie and vicious lion protecting it’s piece of prey meat; aka. My Coffee.

Come work o’clock, when Melody arrived, we both felt exhausted which made me think, our work day was gonna be one of those dragging-forced-productivity days. Color me freaking surprised when five hours later, we were productive ninjas! We were getting shit done from start to finish. I don’t think we have ever tackled our to-do’s so efficiently as we had yesterday.

giphy yes


We freaking rocked it from noon till 12:30am. This business is one of many projects we each individually have. Though we’re working and in communication daily, Tuesdays are usually our day to meet up and do all the things, hence the twelve hour day.




Granted, we were still delirious the entire day. I was waiting for the crash to happen any minute where we’d both be talking and bouncing a mile a minute and suddenly just DROP. Some weird unicorn magic was in the air because it never happened. We just rocked it cause we’re awesome like that.


So, that’s my story time for today, folks! I was still marveling at all the awesomeness we got done yesterday and wanted to share those emotions with y’all in the best way this enchanting place called, the internet now provides us. Gifs and Memes.

Something else I’m really excited about. We officially got our domain name for the company! For now, instead of needing to give out the Etsy shop web address (which is long and can get confusing or become hard to find), now you can just go to:



Bomb Diggity!

Thanks for stopping by today. Always nice to have y’all over for my rambling randomness. You all are awesome and make my days happy. Hope you’re having a productive Hump Day. Till next time!

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Just Another Manic Monday


Hello friends!

How’s August treating y’all? August has been a bit of a bastard; rough start and all that jazz. Remember that quarterly goals schedule I wrote about a few weeks back? No? Let me refresh you with this shiny link right….*displays Vanna White hands* here~~~> Quarterly Goals: Writing, CRW business & more

How’s that going, you may ask? Not terribly since it’s only been less than a month since I set the goals. As of now, two of the nine quarterly goals have been completed. *pats self on shoulder* Not bad, if I do say so myself. Even still, there are a few of the remaining seven goals that should have started getting weekly attention since the month of August began.

All to say, this was the week. The week. You know, the one you prep for all weekend, determined to make Monday the day of PRODUCTIVITY. Do y’all do that? Get yourself really hyped over a Monday. Whether it’s starting a new diet, or going to the gym, or telling yourself, “Come Monday, I will take that first guitar lesson.” At some point in time, “Monday” became the start button. “Screwed up” your diet. “Eh. I’ll start over Monday.” Were you supposed to wash the car? “You know what, I’ll just do it Monday.”

Monday. That little sucker became a staple in time, like a “do-over” in a Nintendo Mario game. This Monday–today–was supposed to be that “unpause” button. The, “I will begin the goals and lifestyle changes I set in place to have started…two weeks ago.” Only, waking up earlier in the day has resulted in many snooze delays on my morning alarms–alarms being plural because I set like four.

I woke this morning…fine. I won’t lie. I woke, officially, this afternoon and thought, “Just another manic Monday. I wish it was Sunday, cause that’s my fun day…” Sing it with me. Too young to know the song? Here’s a taste of “The Bangles”.  Oh, 80’s videos, you guys crack me up. You were the best!

While I had my to-do list all ready for tackling, it was just not happening. I had been sick in bed the entire weekend, which also threw everything off. My trusty ‘sister from another mister’ came to the rescue and turned this failed Monday around. She kidnapped me, treated me to a tasty Five Guys burger “brunch”, (I’m using a lot of air quotes today) rented a movie and chilled with some junk food. Not technically a productive win, but my heart and tummy were happy. We chillaxed on them recliners, rubbing our food babies.

five guys foos

I even donned my new “I’m a writer. I hate people” tee my friend Jenna created and we had teespring make for a campaign.


It’s okay, Monday. You might have won this battle, but not the war. You and me. Next week. Same place. Different time cause I will be ON IT! Here’s to tomorrow. *clinks coffee mugs* and a productive business day with CRW. (Our Coffee Reading Writing company)

Till next time, folks!

Lets Talk BOOKS

Release Day Blitz – EVE: The Awakening by Jenna Moreci

Title: EVE: The Awakening

Author: Jenna Moreci

Release Date: 8-12-2015

Genre: New Adult Sci-Fi

Rating: 5/5 stars!

Eve is an outcast. A chimera.
After years of abuse and rejection, 19-year-old Evelyn Kingston is ready for a fresh start in a new city, where no one knows her name. The esteemed Billington University in sunny Southern California seems like the perfect place to reinvent herself—to live the life of an ordinary human.
But things at Billington aren’t as they seem. In a school filled with prodigies, socialites, and the leaders of tomorrow, Eve finds that the complex social hierarchy makes passing as a human much harder than she had anticipated. Even worse, Billington is harboring a secret of its own: Interlopers have infiltrated the university, and their sinister plans are targeted at chimeras—like Eve. 
Instantly, Eve’s new life takes a drastic turn. In a time filled with chaos, is the world focusing on the wrong enemy? And when the situation at Billington shifts from hostile to dangerous, will Eve remain in the shadows, or rise up and fight?

This Booknerd’s Thoughts:

“HOLY BALLS!” As Sancho would say.

Where to even begin? So. Much. Goodness. Stuffed. Into. One. Book. EVE: The Awakening is one hell of a debut by Jenna Moreci. Moreci has brought a fresh take to a new genre that has picked up speed in popularity and demand. The NewAdult genre is mostly saturated with contemporary romance at the moment. There are few sub-genres floating around, and the ones that are, most have not heard of. I believe Jenna is breaking into the market, presenting us a fresh look at the genre and she’s done it very well. It’s brilliant. Her attention to plot, the creative detailed nuggets that wrap up beautifully as the story unfolds, the genuine, relatable dialogue, wonderful humor, deep emotional tragedy, characters you won’t soon forget, and skilled writing; Jenna has put together a masterpiece and tied it in a new shiny bow; NewAdult Sci-Fi.

What’s not to love?

1. Scary, creeptastic aliens that can fly with sharp teeth the length of your entire frame. Holy shnickies, people!

Bastards mock the human race! *shakes fist*

2. Humans that have evolved into stronger, faster, better and gifted versions of their former selves, bruising the egos of the rest of humanity; ergo, outcast Chimeras.
3. Swoon-worthy male lead, giving us a much needed break from the NA alpha male, pounding his chest and demanding. Still protective and ever understanding Jason A. Valentine is exactly what Eve needs. *starry eyes* Chapter eight, yall. Happy hearts all over the place.
4. Girls you love to hate! The tri-bitch-fecta! I don’t need to name them. Once you meet them, you’ll know. I love comparing them to Mean Girls meets Heathers.

5. The plot twists, oh, the plot twists!

6. Humor meets Tragedy. Jenna has a gift of imparting the perfectly timed comedic relief in the most heinous of horrific situations, and you aint even mad about it. If anything, that chuckle that escapes you unexpectedly while you’re in the midst of biting your nails, is just what you needed to help calm the pulse pumping rate of your frantic heart.

What I loved? (in addition to all mentioned above)

I love college setting books—more specifically, in the NewAdult genre—and reading a down to earth—I think there might be an unintended pun there—collegiate setting, with all the out-of-place freshman outcast woes and then toss ALIENS; it was just something I was not expecting and I absolutely loved it.

Eve is a strong, badass heroine who has reason to feel ostracized, hence she’s learned to be an independent lone wolf. Society didn’t really give her a choice. So, what’s left to do other than learn to survive and refuse to be knocked down? Something strong and deadly lies within Eve and she fights it tooth and nail. She wants a fresh start and believes this elite university that actually accepted her poor ass will be the place to do it. As long as she can keep what she is a secret, all should be smooth sailing, right? Wrong. The very things she’s running away from, find her.

We attend classes with Eve and as the semester progresses, the tension and threats grow. Each new band of characters presented in Eve’s life add such fullness to the overall story and environment. You feel as though you yourself have been walking those very halls and gossiped in hushed tones about these characters while leaving the Dining Hall—east of campus—all the way to the Business building—west campus—rushing to get to Dr. Dick *clears throat* I mean, Professor Richard’s “Business Math” class because the man has no qualms about embarrassing you in front of the entire freaking class.

After, you release a sigh of relief while continuing down the hall, glaring at Chin Dimple being a Neanderthal as you head to your favorite class of the day; Professor Clarke’s “Leadership Principles”. Today, he shares about Billington’s history and how, “Necessity Breeds Innovation,” which is why the government built Billington; a place where young minds can be molded into visionaries and pioneers.

Are you still feeling sore from the last “Hand to Hand Combat” class with Captain Ramsey? Well, enjoy the fresh air while you walk further south west towards the Gymnasium/Athletic Center because if tensions are high on campus due to mysterious Interloper attacks, you better believe Ramsey’s gonna up the training, starting off with a nice, long run around that damn, huge football field track. That’s what I get for wanting to be a bad-ass like my favorite book heroines. Perhaps I’ll check out the writing center next semester instead.

Speaking of badass book heroines, move aside Katniss, Eve is freaking kick-ass, snarky, and takes no bullshit. You like bloody, buildings-blowing-up type of action? Eve’s got that too. Plenty of it. Edge of your seat fight scenes and plot twists galore, friends!

You’re getting a full on experience and adventure here. What’s best, though this debut is the first to an 8-part series, you’re not left with the “cliffhanger” feel. All the arcs in part one are neatly tied in a bow, yet masterfully left open for SO. MUCH. MORE. TO. COME!

I CAN NOT gush enough about this read. You can even go ahead and read the first three chapters right now, for FREE! http://www.JennaMoreci.com

Buy Links:


About the Author:
Jenna Moreci is a young adult/new adult author, vlogger extraordinaire, nerd-incognito, & alleged cyborg. She specializes in writing adorable, romantic goodness punctuated by moments of extreme violence and bloodshed. Her sanity is questionable. 
Some of Jenna’s other talents include prolific cursing, spilling/dropping things, accidentally making people cry, and drawing.
Author Links:

My Week in Memes

I have been sitting in front of this darn computer, staring at the damn screen for hours…HOURS! After days of attempting to figure out what to write, genius hit me over the head like Rafiki’s stick. (cue: Lion King reference)

“I won’t write anything specific at all! I’ll just show them through the wonderful world of ‘memes’ what my week has been like.”

So, here it is folks! My week….in memes.


which meant….every two hours was Coffee O’Clock


Any time I attempted production and failed, hours later I’d just crawl back to bed and read an entire book in one sitting. Yup.


For the record, I have a LARGE ass! *snickers* Sorry. TMI?




Seriously! Why do people–who should KNOW better–attempt communication first thing I’m up? Do you have a death wish?



Four days in front of the computer like this…


In conclusion…each day ended like this. Every. Time.


Here’s to hoping for a productive pick up.