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Quarterly Goals: Writing, CRW business & more


Hey there, friends! Yes, you. You’re reading? Then, we’re friends.

Get ready folks! I’m about to meme it up in this joint. The end of July is approaching and the to-do lists are growing. Summer came full speed ahead bringing tons of pretty little gifts with it. Between getting my edits back, finding my new business partner (and making an amazing new friend), to launching the business I dreamed about, to finding a new writing related side job, revamping and staying consistent with the blog, and preparing for all the things, life has picked up speed. The previous months leading up to this summer felt like I was floating on a raft with no ores. I had random boxes of trinkets in the raft with me but no direction so the boxes stayed near, pending. *rolls eyes* So, poetic, I know.

Suddenly, the things I had been trying to define and fight for took shape. It’s been a challenge–but a welcomed one–to figure out how to break up my time and make sure I’m getting all the things done. I’ve spoken about–it was a while ago–the Quarterly Goals video (will post reference video below) I saw and used as inspiration to get organized. My go-to tends to be jotting down weekly and daily goals. This is great in and of itself but with the business and editing my manuscript, I found myself drifting a bit; hence, the procrastination. Some people are able to set aside a certain time-frame where they sit and make sure to get stuff done. Unfortunately, I have come to realize, I’m not that focused. I need a more detailed plan of accountability.


Weekly and daily to-do lists are great (and I do them) but sometimes, there are greater tasks that, without a timeline, they’re just floating in the air, waiting to be completed some time in the future. That’s what editing has been. It’s this task that’s bigger than my weekly planning can gather. It’s this illusive goal with no end date. It’s in the “well, I hope to finish this before the year ends?” pile.

You know what’s wrong with that pile? It never leaves that pile, and if it does leave, it’s at a god-awfully pitiful distant future where procrastination practically mauled it to death.


A goal without a plan is just a wish your heart makes. Are you singing along with me? Somehow, I see this and Cinderella sings in my head. No? Just me? Well, I never said I was normal. 582358_241439509294428_309307321_n-Small1

I had this lingering anxiety about starting and finishing my edits for my manuscript. The starting part, well, I’ve shared already with you all how that’s been. The finishing part–THAT is the part that has me feeling the pressures. Today, I realized that I was running this race with no end in sight.

Imagine running a race and having NO idea when or where the end is? You’re running, and if you’re like me, you’re probably DYING, and you don’t even have the satisfaction of knowing, “Hey, I only have to keep dying for 2.5 miles.”

I think I’d cry. Not seeing an end in sight is just cruel torture.


Well, that’s exactly what I was doing to myself during this next phase of writing. No wonder I was feeling all the throat closing anxieties! When I get this itch to organize my life again, I revert back to my friend Jenna’s brilliant video about this very topic. Today, I sat my ass down and said,

“Desiree. You’re going to plan three months in advance. You’re going to figure this shit out and make scary goals that are ambitious and you’re going to work towards them, dammit! You understand?”

To which, I nodded fervently. Intense nodding over here.


Just like Jenna, I am going to share my Quarterly Goals from August thru October here. Why? One: May it encourage you to make your own. Two: Accountability. I just feel accountable when I’ve put it out there on the interweb for all of you to hold me to and judge me.

Without further ado. Here it is!

Quarterly Goals for August thru October 2015:

1. Finish line by line edits by Julie

My manuscript has 60 chapters in total. They’re fairly short (about 10 pages each). If I tackle 5 chapter a day, I’ll have this nipped in the bud in 12 days time. *self high five* 

2. Finish 1st draft of rewrites

After the first draft of line by line edits are done, then I’ll tackle the rewrites. If I do a chapter a day (it’ll keep the doctor away? I’m sorry, I’ll stop that now), in 60 days, I’ll be done with this first batch. Huzzah!

3. Start planning beta readers

I’ve had a few requests out there. When the time comes after the first round of edits, I’ll reach out and get the beta reading critiques going which will then lead to the next round of edits. But for this goal, I’ll just have to start gathering said beta readers.

4. Get 500 followers on CRW Instagram

This is a business goal. Our first month on Instagram has been going really well which is surreal and exciting. Melody feels confident we’ll reach this by the end of August but I didn’t want to get overly ambitious and set crazy goals just yet.

5. Order 3 new designs for production (mugs)

Our first order arrives this week. (cue FREAK OUT) I am hoping sales will happen and by the end of the three months, have 3 new mugs designs and get them sent for production.

6. Post a weekly video on CRW Youtube channel 

We started a YouTube channel where we will be chatting about all things relevant to….wait for it…Coffee, Reading and Writing. We have already recorded our first three videos and are in the process of editing them. Once the first is tossed into the web-world, I’ll be sure to share it here with you all. This may very well turn out to be an epic fail, or unexpected awesomeness. Only time will tell.

7. Get 10 subscribers on CRW Youtube channel

With that new channel, the hope is to make video that people actually watch. And in greater hopes, want to keep watching, hence, subscriptions. Fingers crossed. The internet can be a scary and cruel place. But sometimes, you meet some pretty freaking cool people.

8. Hit 50 CRW sales

This, I cant tell yet if it’s too ambitious since we haven’t officially launched for sales, but I’m putting it  here and hoping people love and buy our mugs. May they feel as though they can relate to our designs as they luxuriously sip on their glorious coffee or tea.

9. Lose 15 lbs (Cousin’s looming wedding)

Last, (for now) is this random insert-here goal. Such a girl, I know but I’m putting this here cause I need to remember to get my ass into gear–literally. I told y’all a few days ago about the surprise bomb my cousin dropped on me at her engagement party. I’m suddenly walking the wedding. If I’m gonna have to do it, at least, I’m gonna work at making sure I do it and I look fierce doing it. *circle snap* 


And there it is! Tomorrow, I’ll be breaking down those goals into weekly ones that aid in making the quarterly ones happen. I won’ be sharing that here but you all get the gist.

I will say, I’m not a super organizer but in doing this, there was a certain freedom I felt. Suddenly, the anxiety I’ve been carrying about my edits melted a bit. I could see the end goal. I could see the daily goals and thought, “Huh. That’s totally doable.” I feel more confident with my time management. Thanks Jenna for the inspiration! Watch her video below. Maybe, go on and figure out your goals for the next three months. It may just be what you’ve been needing in order to make certain things you’ve been wanting to happen, come to pass. Till next time!

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