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Random Nothings: Engagement party surprises, shellac mani’s and business stuff, OH MY!

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Hello folks!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope you’re all about to embark on some fun shenanigans, whether they be bookish related or not. My weekend is most definitely all “Booked Up”. Ba-Dum-Tssss! Between beta-reading a book ARC, editing my manuscript, and finalizing things for our bookish mug store to come, it will, as usual, be related to books! I promised a “Random Nothings” about a couple things in previous blog posts so, here I am with said things. Without further ado, here is this week’s random nothings.

Engagement Party Surprises

This past weekend was my cousin’s engagement party. Her wedding isn’t until next year but she invited everyone to come and celebrate the joyous union of love. Our family lives four hours away, meaning: Time for another road trip! My beautiful Momma, big brother and I made this a short one, though. Our focus really just being: Attend the Saturday festivities–Sunday, go home!

engagement weekend mama and me

engagement wkend coffee selfie


This festivity also meant, early morning, which isn’t really my thing. At. All. Hence, I drink all the coffee. All the time. Once coffee was consumed, we got all dolled up and we went to thee par-tee. I awkwardly smiled and fake-mingled. There’s an art to not looking like an uncomfortable introvert at these things. Theatre definitely helped me pull this off throughout the years.

Walk in, and find your comfort zone. Once found, find a familiar target in that area to engage in some small talk. Eventually, everyone has forgotten you are the new shiny toy that just walked in and you can commence ‘play with my phone to avoid people and eye contact‘ time!

My cousin did a beautiful job decorating for the event. It was a cozy. Now, you may have noticed I implied there being a ‘surprise’ in relation to my this thing. Yeah.

My cousin thought it would be brilliant to tell me, (cause we’re Hispanic, and have a tendency to display strong characteristics. Demand. Don’t ask) that I will be walking her wedding. I’m already doing her hair and makeup on the day so I wasn’t expecting this little addition. I was told what to wear and who I’d be walking with (my other cousin). Got my marching orders and there it is. I’m walking the wedding. Not my favorite of activities to participate in–not gonna lie. I’m still twitching when I think about it. Good times…good times. The things we do for family.

Shellac Manicure

Two weeks ago, I mentioned I had my first experience with a shellac manicure. I only heard of this through my friend, Melody. Her best friend, Betsy does them. I’ve heard of Gel manicures. People have raved about them and how they last longer than a regular manicure. I’ve never been one to get manicures cause well, money. So when it came to nails, I’ve always just painted them myself at home. This mani was so affordable that I thought, “Why not?” Melody text me a picture of her tribal design and I was in LOVE.

Melodys tribal mani


Vanessa and I, years ago, had been looking for those sticker mani’s that got popular. We specifically wanted the tribal patterns we had seen others post pictures of. We could NEVER find them. Fast forward a couple years later and Melody texts me hers so, obviously, this was a must! I know. #Priorities

tribal mani


Girls. It’s the little things that make us excited. I loved the final result. I had her add little arrows on the index fingers. You can check out all their cute designs on Instagram @HappilyEverAfterNails 

Business Shenanigans – CRW

Last on today’s randomness is about our business CRW (CoffeeReadingWriting)!

This first month has progressed beautifully. It still feels surreal that we’re doing this and that it may just succeed. Crazy! We put our social media pages out there almost three weeks ago and already made our first order of mugs from a vendor. If all is cleared and finalized with that order when it arrives, then we will be officially launch our ETSY shop! It’s currently up and the design for the first mug is currently available for pre-order. Honestly, we encourage anyone to wait till we are able to put up an image of the actual merchandise.

CRW IG screenshot
our Instagram page

Our most recent addition to our CRW world is a YouTube channel! We decided to go crazy and hop on that train. Melody was explaining how there are countless topics we can talk about and share through a CRW channel. Discussion topics range from anything correlated to Coffee, Reading or Writing. There’s book talks, book to movie adaptation discussions, random News, coffee stories and preferences, the writing process or advice. The sky is the limit! This week, we jumped right in and recorded our first three videos for the channel.

CRW vlog screenshot
Melody (right) and I (left) prepping to do “Mr. Roboto”

First videos are always going to be “special” and not the best quality but we’re excited. We’ll be playing around with “sets” and topics. We just plan to be ourselves. Our crazy, random, and quirky selves. Take us or leave us! Right now, I’m editing the videos and we hope to have the first one up by early next week. I’ll keep you all updated on that as it comes.

Find us on Twitter @CRWshop

In my non-writer ventures, that’s what’s been going on lately. I’m headed off to finish editing videos and then continuing the ARC I’ll be reviewing for another blog that I was invited to write on. I’ll make sure to tell you all about it when that time comes. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Till next time.

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