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Writing Blog: Day 3 – Procrastination and Time Management


What’s just so sad about this post is that I set the title up top and then proceeded to procrastinate writing it for the next two hours. I clearly have a problem. This can not continue.

So, it’s Monday.

This weekend was a cluster-funk of emotions and distractions. Yes, it was 4th of July weekend but I can’t even use that as excuse because my family, we all went our separate ways and did nothing. Saturday, I had every intention to begin editing. Friday night, I got a lovely shellac mani with a tribal theme. My friend and business partner, Melody, her best friend does these amazing manicures and I finally had the privilege to experience one. I’ll leave that little ‘share’ for my next “Random Nothings” post next. Earlier that day, I posted a video that I feature with my best friend, Heather, who currently lives in another state putting us hundreds of miles away from one another.

I was feeling motivated and determined to be productive and stop stalling on starting my edits over ridiculous fears and insecurities. This is where time management comes to play. Next day, (woke up feeling like death!) one of my closest friends contacted me and wanted to hang. First, let me say, this particular friend is basically family. Hanging out with her is a no-brainer and effortless. However, that’s where the sneaky Achilles’ heel will bite ya when you’re a writer.

When it comes to your writing, you have to treat that time as though it were sacred, because it is. A friend of mine who’s also a writer lectured me and had to remind me of this. This is how time can slip from you and if the desire is to be a published author, deadlines are going to be a real thing. Developing the discipline and creating these habits now can only benefit you later when opportunity knocks.

My other friend, Melody was also telling me how you must approach it with the mentality that being a “Writer” and writing, is your JOB. You set that mindset and treat it as a JOB. You set a time and your days aside and stick to them as you would any other job. If not, you risk getting fired, right? Exactly.

Writing is already such a risk and difficult path to pursue. It’s bad enough you have so much negativity your mind alone plays against you. The industry is difficult to crack. They want you to play by their rules and as with any entertainment industry arena, sometimes it’s about who you know to get you in.

Writing = passion + determination. 



Sounds like a curse word. At least, that’s how it sounds coming out of my mouth. Sometimes, I feel this monumental sucker’s gonna be the death of me, dammit!

After my attention got steered on Saturday, Sunday arrived and my body and mind were just NOT having it. I am an introvert, by every sense of the term. I am a hermit. I need to go into my hibernation cave to recharge every so often or I will go mad and drive off a cliff. I need that alone space where my mind just needs to think and do nothing. The last two weeks have been very active–all great reasons–but come Sunday, I believe my brain and body were flashing red warning lights. It was done. So, I took that time to ignore my phone (my friend’s already know the drill and luckily, don’t take it personal anymore), shut the world out and just lay in bed and recharge. These are the moments I need to not allow guilt for lack of productivity to set in. In the end, I’m no good to any of my ventures if I’m at code: meltdown.

Now, it’s Monday.


Not gonna lie, friends. It’s been rough. All day has been a battle to find a groove. I set up in bed. Nothing. Took all my things to the downstairs table and set up there. Nothing.

YouTube vlog videos became my mindless entertainment. Finally, I went back upstairs to try again. Nope, wasn’t happening. It has been this constant back and forth. I look over at my massive sofa chair that I hadn’t set up in front of my desk in a while and contemplated going back to the ol’ desk to attempt working. When I had switched my room around months ago, it was a priority to make my desk area conducive to helping me feeling organized and motivated for writing. I’m very much a creature of her surroundings. Ambiance is huge for me to feel settled and ready to focus on whatever I have at hand. I usually need a cozy, warmly lit coffeehouse vibe with the right music in the background. High maintenance, I know. Here’s my setup today. 


I was excited, thinking, “Okay. This is it. I got this. Now, I’m gonna write ALL THE THINGS…”



Which brings us here. Right now. My solution? I figured, perhaps, I just need to vent. I just need to verbal vomit and confess today’s frustrations, get it out of my head and system and then, hopefully, MOVE FORWARD.

Earlier today, I was grateful for some of the authors I follow on social media, because, there are days when they put out exactly what I needed in order to put a little fire under my ass. The reason I’m even sitting at my desk today, determined to make things happen are because of two authors.

Lindsay Cummings, YA author of ‘The Murder Complex’ and Jennifer L. Armentrout, author of too many things both YA and NA. That woman can’t be human. She poops out books like they were water. (apologies for any weird images there) Anyway, it’s just a reminder to keep putting the time for it. Make it happen. There’s no other way. It’s not going to fall on your lap. You want it? Fight for it. Sacrifice for it. Bleed for it. Being a writer is hardcore. It’s not for the weak or lazy.

“Finally updated my board. Goal achieved.” – Jennifer L. Armentrout


lindsay cummings write every day
Click on image for Instagram video

Just watching her typing away (IG video) so focused nudges me to want to be doing the same thing.

Hope you’re all feeling motivated in your writing ventures, whether it be a novel, a blog, or your journalism articles, etc. If not, well, know you’re not alone. We all have those rough days where you can’t seem to produce a single sentence or cohesive thought. Find what motivates you and push against the funk. Get those fingers on the keyboard and Make it Happen! Till next time!

6 thoughts on “Writing Blog: Day 3 – Procrastination and Time Management

  1. Inspirational read, I think we all have that problem sometimes but hey that’s what makes us human and not book-pooing aliens. Today I got loads done tho so 🙂 I’ve followed, and would be honoured to hear your thoughts on some of my works on my blog. Keep writing and have a good day 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! “Book-pooing aliens” – Favorite line of the month! 😛 I already took a quick looksie and plan to sit down and really check out your page this week. 🙂 Hope today is another great productive day for you! Happy Writing and have a good Tuesday.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks 🙂 comments like this are really motivational to read, I’m glad you enjoyed the quick looksie you had :p. Only the month?? I’m offended 😉


  2. Oh I feel you right now. The past couple of weeks have been a struggle for me to get any writing done. Sometimes staring at a blank page for hours on end is so discouraging, but when you get the inspiration you need it’s such a great feeling.

    Happy writing. Make it happen 🙂


    1. Ugh. Seriously! I think we sometimes psych ourselves out. I need to just stop overthinking and push down the scary goblins hovering over my head. May this be our week where inspiration slaps up in the face! 🙂 Yes, YAY, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Hope you’re having a good day today.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am, thanks! Lots of writing productivity going on today, which always makes for a happy day!

        Lets find out what makes those scary goblins go away and carry it around to spray/throw at them when they get to be too much!


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