Writing Blog: Day 1 – Printing First Draft


Welcome to the Writing Blog! My day to day adventures in the writing process!

To catch the newbies up, I have been working on my first young adult novel for over two years now. At the end of drafting the Dystopian tale, I hired a freelance editor to help me clean it up so I don’t look like a complete idiot when I enter the fun querying phase towards publishing.

Well, it’s official! I got my edits back and it’s time for the SCARY portion of this process I’ve been happily avoiding like the zombie, flesh eating plague. REVISIONS *shivers*

See, everyone gets excited about the completion of the drafting part. And yeah, it is most definitely cause for celebration. I mean….you wrote a freaking book. That’s kind of crazy awesome. But with the completion of this epic feat, comes the hardest and longest part of the process. Editing. Rewriting. Dissecting. Demolishing. Rebuilding. I’ll stop now, you get the point.

I have been avoiding my edits long enough though. It’s time to get this book looking it’s best. What did yesterday and today entail? PRINTING MY MANUSCRIPT.

I’m very much a hands-on, need to physically scratch out and jot notes by hand kind of processor. I have writer friends who can just work off their documents from their computers. For some insane (cause what I had to go through to do this is simply just that–INSANE) reason, I need to have a physical copy of my manuscript in hand with a red pen in the other. Also, some sticky tabs and post its to jot notes down.

The printing process was FAR more “eventful” than I had anticipated. While waiting for my slow ass, ancient printer to release the Kraken (a.k.a. my manuscript. a.k.a. baby mammoth), I recorded random videos that I was sending to my friends while I waited. In the end, I had about 6 or so and thought, “Why not just edit them together and show my bloggy friends?” I mean, why just write about it when I could show you.

I’ll warn you now. It was late. It was taking hours and I was delirious. Enjoy.

Now, she’s all hole-punched and in her MASSIVE, sturdy binder. If I didn’t put it in one, I’d start losing random pages and driving myself insane. Have any of you guys printed your own manuscripts before or did you pay to have it done? Share your experiences! Till we meet again.

3 thoughts on “Writing Blog: Day 1 – Printing First Draft

  1. Nice! That printing did take a LONG time! I did print out mine, but fortunately, I had a very fast printer and it only took a few minutes, but I swear I’m not bragging! Anyway, good luck with the revision process!


    1. It took you MINUTES?! Rub it in my face why don’t ya?! Just kidding. Yeah, I am most definitely in need of investing in a proper printer cause this can NOT happen again in the future. My patience and sanity are fragile. Thanks for the luck! I’m gonna need it. Hope your writing is going well!

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