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Random Nothings: New coffee toys and business building

I got a new friend today! When making coffee at home, I’ve always used what we call, a Cuban Espresso Maker. And it’s (for me anyway) a single serve option. If I feel the need to have another cup of coffee, I have to go through this long 10 to 15 minute process to make another cup. The day’s that find me sitting in front of my computer for hours on end require butt-loads (yes, that’s a thing) of continual caffeine flow or else I get very cranky. Waiting so long to make my next cup doesn’t help that state of mind either.

As of the day before yesterday, after my 1am rant about revamping the blog (Oh, and I never woke up at 9am. I snoozed about 5 times and by 11:15am, I kicked myself out of bed), I went and bought my new toy. Some kids get excited to receive GI Joes, Barbie houses, or unicorns (I wouldn’t mind a unicorn). Me? Give me anything coffee and books and I’m one happy gal.

Ready? BAM!


Isn’t she beautiful? Huh. I guess it’s a ‘she’. She stands strong and ready to help take over the world by pouring me one cup at a time. Actually, that’s why I adopted her. She pours more than one cup at a time. Next to her is Einstein Bagels ground coffee blend; Neighborhood Blend. It’s a nice smooth yet strong medium roast. Paired along with my creamers, it’s been quite a delight.



Look at it’s epic gloriousness. I get a little dramatic and excited when it comes to coffee. It all started a long time ago, on a winter day in New York…I’ll leave that story for another time.




In conclusion, we have a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee, creme brulee creamer, a dollop of sugar-free Cool Whip and last but not least, sprinkled cinnamon on top. I am one happy coffee consumer.

Much to share, friends! Now that I’m back to blogging, I almost don’t know how to keep y’all up. So much is currently happening. All good things! For example, a friend and I are launching our own small business! It’s going to start off with our own designed COFFEE MUGS! Or TEA MUGS. Your pick.

I get that it’s become a bit popular, and dare I say, trendy, especially in the book/writing community but this is actually something I’ve had a desire to do for years. Unfortunately, I am not gifted with the skill of graphic designing. I like to draw. I’m not bad at it but there are people who are FAR better at drawing than me. Yet, I have been playing around for a while with random designs. I LOVE coffee (which I believe you’ve taken notice of) and interesting enough, I don’t actually have a mug collection. I’m usually broke. At one point, I started thinking about relevant designs or saying I would want if I could have a mug collection. All the designs I wanted were in relations to Coffee, Reading and Writing. Fast forward a couple years and here I am! The lovely Melody has partnered with me and we will be launching our mug store soon! Get ready bookish world, CRW is coming at ya!

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Stay tuned for my first “Writing Blog: Day 1” where I take you with me on printing out my first draft! It was eventful and I was delirious. There may or may not be a video to go along with it. Till next time!

2 thoughts on “Random Nothings: New coffee toys and business building

    1. I apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding. That first image we created was already removed almost a year ago when we finalized our own branding logo. We no longer use (for about a year now) or have plans to use the image again. I have removed it from the old post you found it on. Thank you and best wishes on your endeavors!

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