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Quarterly Goals: Writing, CRW business & more


Hey there, friends! Yes, you. You’re reading? Then, we’re friends.

Get ready folks! I’m about to meme it up in this joint. The end of July is approaching and the to-do lists are growing. Summer came full speed ahead bringing tons of pretty little gifts with it. Between getting my edits back, finding my new business partner (and making an amazing new friend), to launching the business I dreamed about, to finding a new writing related side job, revamping and staying consistent with the blog, and preparing for all the things, life has picked up speed. The previous months leading up to this summer felt like I was floating on a raft with no ores. I had random boxes of trinkets in the raft with me but no direction so the boxes stayed near, pending. *rolls eyes* So, poetic, I know.

Suddenly, the things I had been trying to define and fight for took shape. It’s been a challenge–but a welcomed one–to figure out how to break up my time and make sure I’m getting all the things done. I’ve spoken about–it was a while ago–the Quarterly Goals video (will post reference video below) I saw and used as inspiration to get organized. My go-to tends to be jotting down weekly and daily goals. This is great in and of itself but with the business and editing my manuscript, I found myself drifting a bit; hence, the procrastination. Some people are able to set aside a certain time-frame where they sit and make sure to get stuff done. Unfortunately, I have come to realize, I’m not that focused. I need a more detailed plan of accountability.


Weekly and daily to-do lists are great (and I do them) but sometimes, there are greater tasks that, without a timeline, they’re just floating in the air, waiting to be completed some time in the future. That’s what editing has been. It’s this task that’s bigger than my weekly planning can gather. It’s this illusive goal with no end date. It’s in the “well, I hope to finish this before the year ends?” pile.

You know what’s wrong with that pile? It never leaves that pile, and if it does leave, it’s at a god-awfully pitiful distant future where procrastination practically mauled it to death.


A goal without a plan is just a wish your heart makes. Are you singing along with me? Somehow, I see this and Cinderella sings in my head. No? Just me? Well, I never said I was normal. 582358_241439509294428_309307321_n-Small1

I had this lingering anxiety about starting and finishing my edits for my manuscript. The starting part, well, I’ve shared already with you all how that’s been. The finishing part–THAT is the part that has me feeling the pressures. Today, I realized that I was running this race with no end in sight.

Imagine running a race and having NO idea when or where the end is? You’re running, and if you’re like me, you’re probably DYING, and you don’t even have the satisfaction of knowing, “Hey, I only have to keep dying for 2.5 miles.”

I think I’d cry. Not seeing an end in sight is just cruel torture.


Well, that’s exactly what I was doing to myself during this next phase of writing. No wonder I was feeling all the throat closing anxieties! When I get this itch to organize my life again, I revert back to my friend Jenna’s brilliant video about this very topic. Today, I sat my ass down and said,

“Desiree. You’re going to plan three months in advance. You’re going to figure this shit out and make scary goals that are ambitious and you’re going to work towards them, dammit! You understand?”

To which, I nodded fervently. Intense nodding over here.


Just like Jenna, I am going to share my Quarterly Goals from August thru October here. Why? One: May it encourage you to make your own. Two: Accountability. I just feel accountable when I’ve put it out there on the interweb for all of you to hold me to and judge me.

Without further ado. Here it is!

Quarterly Goals for August thru October 2015:

1. Finish line by line edits by Julie

My manuscript has 60 chapters in total. They’re fairly short (about 10 pages each). If I tackle 5 chapter a day, I’ll have this nipped in the bud in 12 days time. *self high five* 

2. Finish 1st draft of rewrites

After the first draft of line by line edits are done, then I’ll tackle the rewrites. If I do a chapter a day (it’ll keep the doctor away? I’m sorry, I’ll stop that now), in 60 days, I’ll be done with this first batch. Huzzah!

3. Start planning beta readers

I’ve had a few requests out there. When the time comes after the first round of edits, I’ll reach out and get the beta reading critiques going which will then lead to the next round of edits. But for this goal, I’ll just have to start gathering said beta readers.

4. Get 500 followers on CRW Instagram

This is a business goal. Our first month on Instagram has been going really well which is surreal and exciting. Melody feels confident we’ll reach this by the end of August but I didn’t want to get overly ambitious and set crazy goals just yet.

5. Order 3 new designs for production (mugs)

Our first order arrives this week. (cue FREAK OUT) I am hoping sales will happen and by the end of the three months, have 3 new mugs designs and get them sent for production.

6. Post a weekly video on CRW Youtube channel 

We started a YouTube channel where we will be chatting about all things relevant to….wait for it…Coffee, Reading and Writing. We have already recorded our first three videos and are in the process of editing them. Once the first is tossed into the web-world, I’ll be sure to share it here with you all. This may very well turn out to be an epic fail, or unexpected awesomeness. Only time will tell.

7. Get 10 subscribers on CRW Youtube channel

With that new channel, the hope is to make video that people actually watch. And in greater hopes, want to keep watching, hence, subscriptions. Fingers crossed. The internet can be a scary and cruel place. But sometimes, you meet some pretty freaking cool people.

8. Hit 50 CRW sales

This, I cant tell yet if it’s too ambitious since we haven’t officially launched for sales, but I’m putting it  here and hoping people love and buy our mugs. May they feel as though they can relate to our designs as they luxuriously sip on their glorious coffee or tea.

9. Lose 15 lbs (Cousin’s looming wedding)

Last, (for now) is this random insert-here goal. Such a girl, I know but I’m putting this here cause I need to remember to get my ass into gear–literally. I told y’all a few days ago about the surprise bomb my cousin dropped on me at her engagement party. I’m suddenly walking the wedding. If I’m gonna have to do it, at least, I’m gonna work at making sure I do it and I look fierce doing it. *circle snap* 


And there it is! Tomorrow, I’ll be breaking down those goals into weekly ones that aid in making the quarterly ones happen. I won’ be sharing that here but you all get the gist.

I will say, I’m not a super organizer but in doing this, there was a certain freedom I felt. Suddenly, the anxiety I’ve been carrying about my edits melted a bit. I could see the end goal. I could see the daily goals and thought, “Huh. That’s totally doable.” I feel more confident with my time management. Thanks Jenna for the inspiration! Watch her video below. Maybe, go on and figure out your goals for the next three months. It may just be what you’ve been needing in order to make certain things you’ve been wanting to happen, come to pass. Till next time!

Random Nothings

Random Nothings: Engagement party surprises, shellac mani’s and business stuff, OH MY!

beautiful minds inspire others


Hello folks!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope you’re all about to embark on some fun shenanigans, whether they be bookish related or not. My weekend is most definitely all “Booked Up”. Ba-Dum-Tssss! Between beta-reading a book ARC, editing my manuscript, and finalizing things for our bookish mug store to come, it will, as usual, be related to books! I promised a “Random Nothings” about a couple things in previous blog posts so, here I am with said things. Without further ado, here is this week’s random nothings.

Engagement Party Surprises

This past weekend was my cousin’s engagement party. Her wedding isn’t until next year but she invited everyone to come and celebrate the joyous union of love. Our family lives four hours away, meaning: Time for another road trip! My beautiful Momma, big brother and I made this a short one, though. Our focus really just being: Attend the Saturday festivities–Sunday, go home!

engagement weekend mama and me

engagement wkend coffee selfie


This festivity also meant, early morning, which isn’t really my thing. At. All. Hence, I drink all the coffee. All the time. Once coffee was consumed, we got all dolled up and we went to thee par-tee. I awkwardly smiled and fake-mingled. There’s an art to not looking like an uncomfortable introvert at these things. Theatre definitely helped me pull this off throughout the years.

Walk in, and find your comfort zone. Once found, find a familiar target in that area to engage in some small talk. Eventually, everyone has forgotten you are the new shiny toy that just walked in and you can commence ‘play with my phone to avoid people and eye contact‘ time!

My cousin did a beautiful job decorating for the event. It was a cozy. Now, you may have noticed I implied there being a ‘surprise’ in relation to my this thing. Yeah.

My cousin thought it would be brilliant to tell me, (cause we’re Hispanic, and have a tendency to display strong characteristics. Demand. Don’t ask) that I will be walking her wedding. I’m already doing her hair and makeup on the day so I wasn’t expecting this little addition. I was told what to wear and who I’d be walking with (my other cousin). Got my marching orders and there it is. I’m walking the wedding. Not my favorite of activities to participate in–not gonna lie. I’m still twitching when I think about it. Good times…good times. The things we do for family.

Shellac Manicure

Two weeks ago, I mentioned I had my first experience with a shellac manicure. I only heard of this through my friend, Melody. Her best friend, Betsy does them. I’ve heard of Gel manicures. People have raved about them and how they last longer than a regular manicure. I’ve never been one to get manicures cause well, money. So when it came to nails, I’ve always just painted them myself at home. This mani was so affordable that I thought, “Why not?” Melody text me a picture of her tribal design and I was in LOVE.

Melodys tribal mani


Vanessa and I, years ago, had been looking for those sticker mani’s that got popular. We specifically wanted the tribal patterns we had seen others post pictures of. We could NEVER find them. Fast forward a couple years later and Melody texts me hers so, obviously, this was a must! I know. #Priorities

tribal mani


Girls. It’s the little things that make us excited. I loved the final result. I had her add little arrows on the index fingers. You can check out all their cute designs on Instagram @HappilyEverAfterNails 

Business Shenanigans – CRW

Last on today’s randomness is about our business CRW (CoffeeReadingWriting)!

This first month has progressed beautifully. It still feels surreal that we’re doing this and that it may just succeed. Crazy! We put our social media pages out there almost three weeks ago and already made our first order of mugs from a vendor. If all is cleared and finalized with that order when it arrives, then we will be officially launch our ETSY shop! It’s currently up and the design for the first mug is currently available for pre-order. Honestly, we encourage anyone to wait till we are able to put up an image of the actual merchandise.

CRW IG screenshot
our Instagram page

Our most recent addition to our CRW world is a YouTube channel! We decided to go crazy and hop on that train. Melody was explaining how there are countless topics we can talk about and share through a CRW channel. Discussion topics range from anything correlated to Coffee, Reading or Writing. There’s book talks, book to movie adaptation discussions, random News, coffee stories and preferences, the writing process or advice. The sky is the limit! This week, we jumped right in and recorded our first three videos for the channel.

CRW vlog screenshot
Melody (right) and I (left) prepping to do “Mr. Roboto”

First videos are always going to be “special” and not the best quality but we’re excited. We’ll be playing around with “sets” and topics. We just plan to be ourselves. Our crazy, random, and quirky selves. Take us or leave us! Right now, I’m editing the videos and we hope to have the first one up by early next week. I’ll keep you all updated on that as it comes.

Find us on Twitter @CRWshop

In my non-writer ventures, that’s what’s been going on lately. I’m headed off to finish editing videos and then continuing the ARC I’ll be reviewing for another blog that I was invited to write on. I’ll make sure to tell you all about it when that time comes. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Till next time.

Writing Blog

Writing Blog: Day 4 – Book covers and editing approach


Hello friends!

Apologies for things being on the quiet front here. It’s been a crazy weekend. I might just save all the details for my next “Random Nothings” post. In short, my cousin’s engagement party was this weekend. They live four hours away so we left early Friday morning to road trip over. The few days leading up to the road trip were just hectic with preparation, in addition to some work stuff. July is flying by. I can’t believe we’re in the middle of the month and year.

Anyway, I’m back and trying to get back into the groove of things. The weekend was so jammed packed with us driving around and family gatherings that although, I did take all my work stuff with me, I never got two seconds in the hotel to sit and tackle any of it. That gave me some anxiety. Now, it’s Tuesday (probably Wednesday to you) and my to-do list feels a mile long.

So, what are we going to chat about today? Well, I wanted to mention a couple things. First, I wanted to tell you about my business partner’s other business that is bookish related. Daydreaming Words is founded by Melody and she is a graphic designer who offers services such as e-book covers and promo swag designs.


Are you in the process where your manuscript is needing a book cover designed? I highly recommend checking out what Daydreaming Words can offer. Melody is talented, professional, and develops great relationships with her clients. She is passionate to provide quality work for her authors. It’s such a pleasure working with her.

Daydreaming Words

Next on today’s topic is of course, EDITING.

Also, currently known as, MY ARCH NEMESIS. I was recently asked an interesting question.

How are you planning on approaching your edits?

I paused and thought about it. Then, I explained that I was going to tackle the line by line edits first, then deal with the big picture, rewrites. She replied, “Why do the line by line edits first? If you’re going to have to rewrite big portions of it, wouldn’t the line by line edits be unnecessarily time consuming?”

That made me think. She was right. Why go through line by line of 458 pages if I may be cutting out and rearranging HUGE portions of it? After taking the evening to think about it more, I realized why I felt approaching the line by lines would be beneficial for me to tackle first. What came to mind first was how much I have NO IDEA how or where to dive in. I feel a bit overwhelmed and all over the place when it comes to making these NOVEL-LIFE CHANGING decisions. Right now, attempting to delve into the big picture issues and critiques and starting to break the story apart to figure out the rewrites is such a MASSIVE task that in all honesty, I’m not ready for that.

For me, I want to go through the line by line edits to also get a feel for what my freelance editor thought about certain sentence structures. I noticed she caught some consistency issues and commented on certain things I would’ve never caught myself.  Once they’re brought to your attention, you’d think they were so obvious but being so engrossed in the story as a whole, I didn’t catch it.

Also, I feel, by doing the line by line edits, it will cause me to reread the story after separating myself from it for so long. In the end, I think it’ll benefit the big picture critiques and rewrites. I need to familiarize myself with the story again. I need to hear and recognize my character’s voices again. I’ve been consumed in an entirely different story and voice for the last few months while this particular manuscript was being edited.


I needed some time to process that question and understand what was best for me, but also, why it was best. Having that understanding now, I feel, will help me dive in more confidently while still battling the insecurities that I have NO idea what I’m doing, or that I’m going to somehow massively screw it up.

Lately, it’s the fear of wanting my story to turn out the best it can be. I don’t want to mess it up. So, there it is, friends! If you’re losing patience with my lack of starting, trust me, so am I. But life has also happened. This is the official week though. Red pen to paper, dammit!

Find out what, in the writing process works for you. Research some of your favorite authors and check out their blogs where they share their process. There are brilliant books out to help guide us as well. YouTube’s a great resource as I showed briefly on one of my previous writing posts. Try different methods and find out what flows for you. Writing a book is a very personal journey. Figure out the best means to tackle it that will excite you, challenge you, and provoke you.

Till next time, HAPPY WRITING!

Lets Talk BOOKS

EVE: The Awakening by Jenna Moreci – Street Teams & Release Day Blitz

new EVE site

Hello friends!

Some awesome things are coming to the book world and I wanted to take the time and share with you one of them. This August 12th, EVE: The Awakening is being released into the world! I don’t know if any of you remember or have stumbled upon it before, but I wrote a Book Spotlight post on this book and it’s author back in December (2014). Jenna Moreci is the author of this debut Young Adult SciFi series about:

Eve is an outcast. A chimera.

After years of abuse and rejection, 19-year-old Evelyn Kingston is ready for a fresh start in a new city, where no one knows her name. The esteemed Billington University in sunny Southern California seems like the perfect place to reinvent herself—to live the life of an ordinary human.

But things at Billington aren’t as they seem. In a school filled with prodigies, socialites, and the leaders of tomorrow, Eve finds that the complex social hierarchy makes passing as a human much harder than she had anticipated. Even worse, Billington is harboring a secret of its own: Interlopers have infiltrated the university, and their sinister plans are targeted at chimeras—like Eve.

Instantly, Eve’s new life takes a drastic turn. In a time filled with chaos, is the world focusing on the wrong enemy? And when the situation at Billington shifts from hostile to dangerous, will Eve remain in the shadows, or rise up and fight?


Being a month away from the book’s debut release, Jenna is on a mission! For those of you who have or will follow her on her extremely entertaining and full of writerly knowledge YouTube channel (weekly videos post on Wednesdays), you know that Jenna is a cyborg. It’s okay. She won’t hold your human status against you. Being so, the time has come to build her Cyborg Army.

Blogger friends!

Are you interested in connecting more with other bloggers and the book community? Perhaps, you’re looking into boosting up your blog views for the summer. Are you into New Adult Sci-fi with tons of humor, kick ass, bloody action scenes, and a sweet building romance? Then EVE: The Awakening is definitely a book you should check out! On the website, you can access the FIRST THREE CHAPTERS FOR FREE

If you like what you see and are interesting in joining the Street Team “Jenna’s Cyborg Army” and/or are interested in helping promote the release through your blog and social medias for “Release Day Blitz for Eve: The Awakening by Jenna Moreci”, click the images below to sign up!

Join Cyborg Army

Joining the Street Team and Release Day Blitz team will come with some fun and awesome perks like ARCs, Gift Cards or free swag items such as mugs, bookmarks, and more. For writers, it’s a great way to connect with other writers, readers and bloggers you’ll come across throughout your journey.

Check out EVE: The Awakening! You can pre-order today!


Author Bio:


Jenna Moreci is a young adult/new adult author, vlogger extraordinaire, nerd-incognito, & alleged cyborg. She specializes in writing adorable, romantic goodness punctuated by moments of extreme violence and bloodshed. Her sanity is questionable. Some of Jenna’s other talents include prolific cursing, spilling/dropping things, accidentally making people cry, and drawing.

Follow Jenna on social media!


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Writing Blog: Day 3 – Procrastination and Time Management


What’s just so sad about this post is that I set the title up top and then proceeded to procrastinate writing it for the next two hours. I clearly have a problem. This can not continue.

So, it’s Monday.

This weekend was a cluster-funk of emotions and distractions. Yes, it was 4th of July weekend but I can’t even use that as excuse because my family, we all went our separate ways and did nothing. Saturday, I had every intention to begin editing. Friday night, I got a lovely shellac mani with a tribal theme. My friend and business partner, Melody, her best friend does these amazing manicures and I finally had the privilege to experience one. I’ll leave that little ‘share’ for my next “Random Nothings” post next. Earlier that day, I posted a video that I feature with my best friend, Heather, who currently lives in another state putting us hundreds of miles away from one another.

I was feeling motivated and determined to be productive and stop stalling on starting my edits over ridiculous fears and insecurities. This is where time management comes to play. Next day, (woke up feeling like death!) one of my closest friends contacted me and wanted to hang. First, let me say, this particular friend is basically family. Hanging out with her is a no-brainer and effortless. However, that’s where the sneaky Achilles’ heel will bite ya when you’re a writer.

When it comes to your writing, you have to treat that time as though it were sacred, because it is. A friend of mine who’s also a writer lectured me and had to remind me of this. This is how time can slip from you and if the desire is to be a published author, deadlines are going to be a real thing. Developing the discipline and creating these habits now can only benefit you later when opportunity knocks.

My other friend, Melody was also telling me how you must approach it with the mentality that being a “Writer” and writing, is your JOB. You set that mindset and treat it as a JOB. You set a time and your days aside and stick to them as you would any other job. If not, you risk getting fired, right? Exactly.

Writing is already such a risk and difficult path to pursue. It’s bad enough you have so much negativity your mind alone plays against you. The industry is difficult to crack. They want you to play by their rules and as with any entertainment industry arena, sometimes it’s about who you know to get you in.

Writing = passion + determination. 



Sounds like a curse word. At least, that’s how it sounds coming out of my mouth. Sometimes, I feel this monumental sucker’s gonna be the death of me, dammit!

After my attention got steered on Saturday, Sunday arrived and my body and mind were just NOT having it. I am an introvert, by every sense of the term. I am a hermit. I need to go into my hibernation cave to recharge every so often or I will go mad and drive off a cliff. I need that alone space where my mind just needs to think and do nothing. The last two weeks have been very active–all great reasons–but come Sunday, I believe my brain and body were flashing red warning lights. It was done. So, I took that time to ignore my phone (my friend’s already know the drill and luckily, don’t take it personal anymore), shut the world out and just lay in bed and recharge. These are the moments I need to not allow guilt for lack of productivity to set in. In the end, I’m no good to any of my ventures if I’m at code: meltdown.

Now, it’s Monday.


Not gonna lie, friends. It’s been rough. All day has been a battle to find a groove. I set up in bed. Nothing. Took all my things to the downstairs table and set up there. Nothing.

YouTube vlog videos became my mindless entertainment. Finally, I went back upstairs to try again. Nope, wasn’t happening. It has been this constant back and forth. I look over at my massive sofa chair that I hadn’t set up in front of my desk in a while and contemplated going back to the ol’ desk to attempt working. When I had switched my room around months ago, it was a priority to make my desk area conducive to helping me feeling organized and motivated for writing. I’m very much a creature of her surroundings. Ambiance is huge for me to feel settled and ready to focus on whatever I have at hand. I usually need a cozy, warmly lit coffeehouse vibe with the right music in the background. High maintenance, I know. Here’s my setup today. 


I was excited, thinking, “Okay. This is it. I got this. Now, I’m gonna write ALL THE THINGS…”



Which brings us here. Right now. My solution? I figured, perhaps, I just need to vent. I just need to verbal vomit and confess today’s frustrations, get it out of my head and system and then, hopefully, MOVE FORWARD.

Earlier today, I was grateful for some of the authors I follow on social media, because, there are days when they put out exactly what I needed in order to put a little fire under my ass. The reason I’m even sitting at my desk today, determined to make things happen are because of two authors.

Lindsay Cummings, YA author of ‘The Murder Complex’ and Jennifer L. Armentrout, author of too many things both YA and NA. That woman can’t be human. She poops out books like they were water. (apologies for any weird images there) Anyway, it’s just a reminder to keep putting the time for it. Make it happen. There’s no other way. It’s not going to fall on your lap. You want it? Fight for it. Sacrifice for it. Bleed for it. Being a writer is hardcore. It’s not for the weak or lazy.

“Finally updated my board. Goal achieved.” – Jennifer L. Armentrout


lindsay cummings write every day
Click on image for Instagram video

Just watching her typing away (IG video) so focused nudges me to want to be doing the same thing.

Hope you’re all feeling motivated in your writing ventures, whether it be a novel, a blog, or your journalism articles, etc. If not, well, know you’re not alone. We all have those rough days where you can’t seem to produce a single sentence or cohesive thought. Find what motivates you and push against the funk. Get those fingers on the keyboard and Make it Happen! Till next time!

Writing Blog

Writing Blog: Day 2 – Researching ALL THE THINGS (editing)

Welcome back for another day in my writing process bubble!


As some of you already know, I’m in the EDITING portion of my manuscript. I spent over a year working on my first book from Idea to First Draft. After sending it to a freelance editor, I walked away from book one and took my editor’s advice to work on a different project. Okay, I didn’t quite walk away from the story immediately.

First, I was completely baffled with the reality that I had actually written a book. More specifically, That. Book. The book I cried, laughed and bled with and for. The book that went through big changes and makeovers before it settled into the official first draft. Then came the fact that I missed my characters and their story. I wasn’t ready to walk away. I wasn’t ready to have anyone else’s voice but theirs. So, what did Des do? She began outlining and ultimately writing chapter one of book two.

Luckily, I saw previously from an author I enjoy how that is not recommended. And it makes sense why. The editing process butchers your first draft. So many things could change like plot points, scene rearrangement, characters may get cut off, etc. Writing the next book before editing and having a final draft of the first would only be wasting your time. You’ll have to go back and change everything you wrote in book two. For that, might as well work on something completely new.


Fast forward many months.

I recently got back my first batch of edits for draft one. Then, Desiree pretended they weren’t there. Desiree felt her eye twitch at all the suggested changes that already caused her brain to hurt and heart to weep. Desiree was overwhelmed at the prospect of holding a baby mammoth of a manuscript for the first time and ripping it apart with red ink. Desiree clearly lost her damn mind because she is talking about herself in third person.

Yesterday, I introduced you all to the Kraken (aka. Baby Mammoth) and taught you all a valuable lesson. Unless you plan to further lose your mind, don’t attempt to print your manuscript on an ancient, slow as hell printer unless you have the patience of a silent monk.

I don’t know if anyone has caught on yet, but I am procrastinating the shit out of this. Granted, I’m actually doing something productive that will benefit my editing but still, I’m full on dragging this out like a mother. Today, I took to Youtube to add to my ‘Editing Process Research’. I actually found some amazing nuggets and I don’t regret a single procrastinating second!

Again, I’ll say it. WRITING IS HARD. And even harder when you’re learning as you go. I’m sure when it comes time to edit my second book project, it won’t feel as daunting and otherworldly. Yes, otherworldly, like a magical world of unicorns that only seasoned authors know and understand and all you want is to be one of the cool kids who are also in the ‘know’. I haven’t felt in the ‘know’ for over a year hence the stalling tactics called DENIAL!

Researching the editing process for some reason was harder than searching for the concept/idea to drafting process. As an aspiring writer, you want to feel confident in what you’re doing, what you’re expected to do and how you’re expected to do it. There are rules to writing a book. Sure, you can break them, but as with anything of the sort, you first need to learn the rules before you can know how to break them. Hopefully, this turns out to be helpful to the writer out there in the imaginary world of words who feels lost just like I did.

Some of the tips at a glance:

Disclaimer: There may be some repetition among some of these tips, but each source provided a different, fresh look into the idea.


Four Stages in Editing Your Manuscript:

1. Line Editing – Read it out loud and make sure every sentence is the best it can be. While reading the sentence, if it makes you cringe, REWRITE it. 

2. Copy Editing – Involves typos, yes, but also is where you may catch issues with inconsistencies, or dates/timeline that may not add up. This person highly recommended a professional for this stage.

3. Proofreading – Catching any final mistakes. Having a physical copy for this stage is recommended.

4. Beta Readers – You need them! When proofreading your book, you’ll only see what you want to see on the page. Get fresh eyes!

~~ ~~ ~~

While reading your hard copy, any place you stumble or need to reread, EDIT IT. If you stumble, you bet your readers will.

~~ ~~ ~~

What are the different types of edits for novels? – Answered by a Junior Editor

1. Proofreading – They check over the grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The technical aspect.

2. Line Editing – Here, editors go through your prose, sentence by sentence. They help make the sentences sound better. They make the prose flow better and sound more cohesive. They clean up the writing so it reads easily. This stage does not affect the story at all.

3. Copy Editing – Different people interpret this term differently. Some refer to this the same as a proofread. Sometimes a Copy Editor refers to someone who proofreads AND line-edits. (make sure if you’re paying for this service, you clarify what you will be receiving from this stage of editing) 

4. Developmental Edits – Focuses on the BIG PICTURE. The flow of the story, the plot line, characters, what things can be improved to further improve the story as a whole.

Tips by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5W3s1jCr4E

~~ ~~ ~~ 

Those were just little snippets from some of the videos I will be sharing below. In addition to the two videos I will be sharing on Editing, I will be adding–what I found quite fascinating–HarperCollins publishing’s ‘Editing Process’ within their different departments. Kind of cool to see how it would work going through the Traditional Publishing route.

Enjoy below! I’ll see you soon with more from my writing bubble!





Writing Blog: Day 1 – Printing First Draft


Welcome to the Writing Blog! My day to day adventures in the writing process!

To catch the newbies up, I have been working on my first young adult novel for over two years now. At the end of drafting the Dystopian tale, I hired a freelance editor to help me clean it up so I don’t look like a complete idiot when I enter the fun querying phase towards publishing.

Well, it’s official! I got my edits back and it’s time for the SCARY portion of this process I’ve been happily avoiding like the zombie, flesh eating plague. REVISIONS *shivers*

See, everyone gets excited about the completion of the drafting part. And yeah, it is most definitely cause for celebration. I mean….you wrote a freaking book. That’s kind of crazy awesome. But with the completion of this epic feat, comes the hardest and longest part of the process. Editing. Rewriting. Dissecting. Demolishing. Rebuilding. I’ll stop now, you get the point.

I have been avoiding my edits long enough though. It’s time to get this book looking it’s best. What did yesterday and today entail? PRINTING MY MANUSCRIPT.

I’m very much a hands-on, need to physically scratch out and jot notes by hand kind of processor. I have writer friends who can just work off their documents from their computers. For some insane (cause what I had to go through to do this is simply just that–INSANE) reason, I need to have a physical copy of my manuscript in hand with a red pen in the other. Also, some sticky tabs and post its to jot notes down.

The printing process was FAR more “eventful” than I had anticipated. While waiting for my slow ass, ancient printer to release the Kraken (a.k.a. my manuscript. a.k.a. baby mammoth), I recorded random videos that I was sending to my friends while I waited. In the end, I had about 6 or so and thought, “Why not just edit them together and show my bloggy friends?” I mean, why just write about it when I could show you.

I’ll warn you now. It was late. It was taking hours and I was delirious. Enjoy.

Now, she’s all hole-punched and in her MASSIVE, sturdy binder. If I didn’t put it in one, I’d start losing random pages and driving myself insane. Have any of you guys printed your own manuscripts before or did you pay to have it done? Share your experiences! Till we meet again.