New Years and the New Year…


Coffee selfies, Epcot, Cirque de Soleil, and fancy hotels, OH MY!

Happy New Year! It’s 2015, or how all the cool kids are saying it, “Twenty-Fifteen”. I’m getting used to it now. I hadn’t been using the shorter version of the millennium years before. Well folks, a new year is upon us. Before it arrived, we were blissfully distracted by all the festivities, family gatherings (dreaded or not), presents, resolutions, etc. Then, the new year came and we began the navel-gazing, finding the meaning of life for this new chapter in our lives. No? Just me? Well, fine. I won’t be ashamed of talking about it.

Oh, by the way, I have dubbed this year, the year of COFFEE SELFIES! My Instagram is full of them–addictingly so–and I get made fun of for ALWAYS having coffee pictures on my feed. So I decided that this year, I would keep track of the number of them. This may be a slightly terrifying, eye-opening self-realization come the end of this year. Moving on!

Looking back, 2014 was a ROUGH year. Granted, when you really look deeper, beneath the surface, there were flecks of gold moments that sparkled when the light caught it just right. Poetic, I know, she says sarcastically. Those little flecks, you must grab onto them, dwell on them for a moment and appreciate them. This new year, I want to be more brave. I want to put aside as much negativity as possible. I want to be a little bit more selfish.

What? Yeah, I said, selfish.

Very long story short, I spent the better part of the last ten years of my life (my 20’s which have come and gone) living for others. Pleasing others with my lifestyle. I followed a box format of life that at the time, I truly believed in but have recently regretted. 2014, I dwelled on that regret. 2015, I’m choosing not to.

I’m choosing to put them aside, peer into the life lessons, the self-discovering epiphanies, and choose different from now on. I’m gonna take this year, and truly live for me. I’m gonna pursue things for me. Not for what society expects of me. Not for what family expects from me. My age gives way certain pressures towards life needing to supposedly look a certain way. I used to let that bother me. I would allow their expectations to plague me. I wanted to achieve said expected things in a very short amount of time because my clock was ticking and I was already way behind schedule…according to society. You know, the whole,

“Why aren’t you married yet? Did you get a degree? You don’t have a stable career yet? You don’t own a house? You don’t have children yet? Don’t you want any? You’re not dating anyone? You still haven’t lost weight?”

Oh, I’m not joking about that last one. I live in one of the most superficial and vainest cities in the country.

Anyway! Let’s recap the ending of “Twenty-Fourteen” onto the welcoming of, “Twenty-Fifteen!”

New Year’s Eve


My mother sprung an impromptu road trip on my brother and me. We were told the day before New Year’s Eve to pack for a five day trip to Orlando. One of her oldest friend’s birthday is the 31st. So, we arrived to the festivities, also preparing ourselves for the New Year. She’s an interior decorator and her house sparkled of blue, golds, and silver with touches of peacocks everywhere. New York dropped the ball on TV and we crossed the threshold, halfway into the decade now.  Crazy!

Fancy Hotels


Her friend was able to hook us up with a ridiculous deal to stay at one of the Epcot resorts, allowing us the next day to take the boat over to the Epcot park.


One of the entrances (which I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures of), the ceiling looked like a night sky full of stars and as you walked, a streak of light descended, making it look like a shooting star. I’m obsessed with the night sky, stars, etc. Take me to a Planetarium to see a Star show and I’m the happiest woman, ever. Then, get me coffee and we’re golden!

Arriving to the hotel, I was more than happy to not move from that bed! Give me a cozy bed, away from the masses and I’m happy. (Wow, I’m telling you, I’m a simple gal) I never nap, but I had slept maybe four hours before that four hour drive, straight to the birthday/New Year party. Next day, I didn’t want to move.


Family Dinner

The last time I was at a Planet H0llywood was for my sixteenth birthday, when South Florida used to have one. New Years Day, we ventured to Downtown Disney and ate a delicious (and freaking expensive) meal.


Your eyes never NOT have something to look at when you’re at a Planet Hollywood restaurant. Luckily, they’re countless, classic, Hollywood memorabilia. I could have used a music change, but it was a fun place to splurge and dine at. Also, the perk of being at Disney gives it an extra allure.


My beautiful mother (center), big brother (right), and my mother’s oldest friend (left), enjoying the dinning experience.

Momma and Me


My sangria sucked so I switched it for a simple Margarita. Tasted like a more tangy lemonade. I never get Margaritas–I’ve tasted a few before and they were horrible–but this one did not fail me.

Cirque de Soleil and Epcot


Downtown Disney, ready to experience our first and MUCH anticipated, Cirque de Soleil show! For years, before BRAVO T.V. was what it is now and no one watched it, we would watch the full productions of the different Cirque de Soleil shows, dreaming of the day we could see one LIVE.




 Survey Says...

Well, the thing is, those years of watching the productions on BRAVO, we had a certain expectation. The show was good. The talent was exceptional. The production itself, well, for us, it felt lacking. The space was surprisingly small and intimate. You would think that would have made the show pop and awe. If they would have matched the production with what we have seen before, then yes, it would have. To me, it felt like the condensed version of the actual show. Like with stage theatre, when they give you the black box version of a performance instead of the full let’s say, Broadway stage version. I enjoy ed it. I was only sad that my Mom had a lack-luster reaction. She was really excited before.


Then, there was Epcot at Disney World. I love Disney. I love being and feeling like a kid again. The thing with Epcot is, we have been going there…Every. Freaking.  Year. for the last three years. Here’s the thing: (I keep saying that, I know) When you live in Florida, you tend to get used to Disney. You usually get last minute hook ups to a park and half-ass it. We’ve been half-assing Epcot for years. Kinda bored of it.

One very cool redeeming quality was FINALLY GETTING TO GO ON SOARIN‘! I have been trying to get on this ride at Epcot every year. It’s the most popular ride. The line takes HOURS! Since we half-ass it, we never get there in time to get Fast Pass tickets. Last time, we waited two hours only to end up progressing, maybe, ten feet. Yeah, so we left. This year, we were determined. We stayed. We sat on the floor and scooted our asses over every 35 to 45 minutes, moving a few steps forward. I never plan on making that line again without a Fast Pass, but the ride was so worth experiencing.

It’s a 3D experience where you are propelled in the air on seats and made to feel as though you’re hand-gliding all throughout California. It was thrilling, amazing and beautiful. If you ever find yourself in Epcot, check out SOARIN’! But try and get a Fast Pass. If not, wear cushion shoes, clothes you don’t mind dirtying if you sit on the floor, and a book.



My first read in 2015 was Morgan Matson’s SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE. I’ve heard a lot about this read last year. The dust jacket is one of the most beautifully crafted I’ve seen. When you open it, on the inside is an entire vibrant photo. It’s beautiful. I started it on the car ride over to Orlando and then cracked it open occasionally for bed time. The pace of the story is a bit slow for me. I haven’t finished it. I put it aside for a moment to jump on the DUFF train. (Remember? Previous post)

I’m barely at the middle mark so I still have hopes that it will get better. It’ll possibly be my next Book Talk, coming to a bloglovin’ or inbox near you. 😉

Final Thoughts:

Our little five day vaca was a good getaway. Exhausting, but good. We hadn’t gotten away in some time and as I mentioned before, 2014 was kind of a bitch. Not as evil as 2013, but still a rough one all the same.

Returning home, I endured a three day migraine. Not fun. Now, that the fog of it’s wilting, I’m focusing on what this new year means for me. I have many goals, and ideas floating around in my head. I need to sit down and truly gather my thoughts and map out quarterly goals for the year. A writer and friend, Jenna Moreci (check out the first three chapters of her Sci-Fi awesomeness, EVE: THE AWAKENING which are free on her website right now www.jennamoreci.com – and I don’t say this cause she’s a friend. I got a sneak peek at a portion of her story and it’s really good. I need the rest…yesterday…I’m looking at you, Jenna *winks), she lives by the Quarterly Goal list. She puts them on her phone and keeps herself accountable to attempting to finish at least 50% of it by the end of the three months. I like lists. I like writing them and then the satisfaction of scratches them off. Don’t know why. Call me, Old School.

There’s a lot we could say, did not go according to plan last year. I’m determined to MAKE things happen this year. Middle of last year, I was chatting with the bestie (who lives in Missouri) and I told her about a tattoo idea I was pretty set on if I were ever to find the guts to get a tattoo. As some of you may know by now, I finally passed that theshold this past September. We got best friend tattoos on our ankles. Her eighth. My first. Well, the tattoo that I thought would be my first is a quote. “She believed she could so she did.”

I was reading a book–I believe it was Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey–and the main character had a tattoo along her rib cage. That was the quote. (I want a different placement) It left me thinking one night and I realized I wanted to be that woman. The one who wanted it, believed she could, and went for it. I am so not that girl but doesn’t mean I can’t be. Sure, there’s years of thinking habits that need to be broken, hence the desire of the tattoo. To see it as a daily reminder.

I’m claiming this year as my year. Have I done that before. Yep. But, this is the first year I actually believe it and feel the motivation to chase after it, make it happen.

So, with that said–before I rant more and bore you all–HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s to a new year full of brave moments, adventure, chance encounters, kismet greetings, carefree leaps, and love. Let’s set goals. Not outlandish resolutions that get left up in the air to the shooting star gods, in hope that they’ll just somehow magically come true.

Now, whoa there eager laddie. Don’t go cray cray either and stalk a guy, club him over the head, drag him to the court house and force a marriage ceremony because you “believed” you two were meant to be, and so you “did” what it took to make it happen. *backs away slowly* Yeah, you know who you are. Don’t come back saying I inspired that behavior, young lady! *winks*

Till next time! Happy reading, y’all!

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