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Hello Friends!

We, the Divergent fandom, have been on pins and needles waiting anxiously for any signs of the second book to movie adaptation from Veronica Roth’s bestselling trilogy.

Earlier in the week, we got our first movie still image with a promise for a surprise that was expected to arrive Friday. The interwebs went crazy with the same hypothesis: THE FIRST OFFICIAL TRAILER.

And we were RIGHT!

Before that, Summit released it’s first Teaser where we witnessed Tris in what we believed to be a simulation. It was very Inception meets The Amazing SpiderMan. Many of us didn’t know what to think. Half of the fandom was excited claiming; EPICNESS, while the other half were worried. I was part of the worried bunch.

I’m also probably part of the very few who think this but, Tris’ new hairdo bothers me! Haha. It’s true. It looks too modern, stylish. I always pictured more like Christina’s cut from Divergent. There’s a brokenness to it–both emotionally and physically. This new hairdo in some parts is so gelled and piecey, it seems so out of character for this world, them constantly running for their lives, and Tris’ persona, alone. But I’m picky. Fine. Anywho, onto the recent Trailer!

So, as a lover of the Divergent series, of COURSE I saw a few things in this recent trailer that made me gasp and exclaim, “What the hell is that!?”

Let’s begin



What. The. Hell. Is. That?

Apologies, I don’t mean to offend anyone with the language, but I thought this was hilarious–it being out there at all. Made me not feel alone. Ha!

insurgent box confusion

I had to rack my brain on this one for a moment. This looks like ‘The Fifth Element’ stones meets alien technology meets Divergent found it and slapped their logo on it. Clearly, they’ve shifted the Jeanine plot a bit, using this BOX that needs to be opened by “The One”. Riiiight. Okay, I’ll bite.


I actually do like their interpretation of the Erudite compound and how they test Divergents. I always pictured it old fashion, person on metal medical table, needles and tubes. This. This is pretty sweet looking–the poor unfortunate soul suspended in the air with the snake-like wires in them.





This here is a subplot/character arc change. Tris is pumping led into her enemies. So, for those who remember, a MAJOR issue with Tris in book two is that she psychologically can not hold or fire a gun. The death of those from book one, and specifically one by her own hand, really messed her up. She’s traumatized. It’s not even until Allegiant (I believe) that she finds it in her to finally shot a gun. Clearly, judging by the new trailer, that is NOT the case here.


She has no qualms about being a bad ass with a gun. Even though they have removed this element in the movie, at least, it seems that they are still going to try and translate Tris’ PTSD just in a less tangible manner. For example, her simulation (first teaser) and the idea of losing her mother, not being able to save her. It’s obviously still plaguing her in movie two. Also, there was this moment in the official trailer:


“I can’t let anyone else die because of me.”

This seems to be one of those moments where Tris finally breaks down after the truth comes out at Candor, and she talks to Four. Hopefully, we’ll still witness the Tris we know and recognize from Insurgent the book, only with a bit more bad ass edge, apparently. Oh, isn’t this when this happens?


Looks like same scene, same outfits, lighting…speaking of:



Let’s talk about this. Whoa. Simma’ down now!

Oh, Hollywood. You just had to sex it up, didn’t ya? Granted, in Insurgent, the book, there were a couple hot makeout scenes with Tris and Four. I remember the scene near the beginning of the book where Tris sneaks into Four’s room after she can’t sleep and I believe, has a nightmare about the person she killed in book one. (I’m trying to be kind with spoilers, JUST in case) She’s only wearing a shirt and underwear. Four lets her lie down next to him and she tries to forget her woes…by getting frisky and making out with Four, potentially trying to take things further. The gentleman that Four is sees through her sex-kitten act and stops her, knowing it’s not really what she needs or wants at the moment.

Well…don’t think that may be the case in this movie adaptation, if this snippet has anything to say about it. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Hollywood. Many fans as it is, felt there was a lack of FourTris affection in movie one, Divergent. Perhaps, they’re making up for it.

Moving on!





The interwebs have had fun with this little casting development. Many have forgotten the announcement of Naomi Watts playing Evelyn, Four/Tobias’ mother. Many of us went, “Hmm. Um. Okayyyy. I guess, we’ll see?” I think we hoped they’d rough her up, age her a bit. Welp, turns out, she looks younger than her normal self, and quite put together for an outcast Factionless member of the abandoned Chicago streets. At least they dyed her hair. But really, when you compare her and Marcus’s actor…looks like he married MUCH younger.


I mean, it is a little weird that they (Evelyn and Four) look…well, they look the exact same age almost, making the Tris and Four gap look even larger. Ha! In some twisted world out there, someone must’ve shipped it! Yeah, let’s not go there. Too creepy.






Remember this? Inception meets The Amazing Spiderman! This had me a little worried at first, not knowing what the look of the film was going to be. After this official trailer, I do feel better about it. The director took an interesting direction with this simulation, pulling for those action-packed, heart pumping, epic movie feel moments. Crazy to think of that Tris up there…. and old Beatrice below.


All them fear serums were like radioactive spidey juice. In a couple short months, she’s a completely different person–especially, movie versions. Makes ya think, what will Summit make Tris like for Allegiant part 1 and 2?



This part, for the life of me, I can not remember what this could be but when I saw it, my first thoughts were, “Is this Katniss, looking out into destroyed District 12? Look, it’s Gale in the background!







So here’s the thing. After I took a day or two to internally and not so internally (social media) vent, I had to come to a conclusion. There are many inconsistencies from the book to this adaptation, and that’s just from the trailer alone. As a Divergent fandom lover–although, I am TOTALLY okay with them butchering ALLEGIANT movies to help salvage them but I digress–of course I want to see these first two book to movies done well. However, this is Hollywood and our movie audiences have certain expectations. Rarely will we ever get The Hunger Games type brilliance that not only are near-perfect adaptations but freaking EPIC in itself that non-readers also love. We can’t always hope for Hunger Games franchise results.

Now, once I can put all that aside, I then look at the potential. This is the characters and story that we love, but slightly tweaked for epic awesomeness on screen. In terms of visual appeal and story line, it seems that they have upped the action and switched a few things around for over all pacing of the film as well as comprehension for all movie goers.

I remember hearing some complaints from non-readers when Divergent, the movie came out this past March. Many were confused as to the plot. They left with plot holes, slightly dazed to what entirely was going on. I believe the Director and team behind Insurgent felt certain things about the book were not going to translate well to film, needing to alter the plot so our non-readers leave satisfied. I totally get that.

So, I will vent my ‘inconsistencies’ argument, and then I will lay them down. This March, I will enjoy what hopefully looks to be an epic action-packed, momentary swoonage-blush, adventure in the beloved Divergent world. And hey, we get to see more Four (Theo James)…yeah. Nuff, said.


That’s a pretty sweet shot right there! One of my favorites from the trailer.

Some fan feedback:

tumblr insurgent reaction

I thought this was hilarious and also the general consensus with worried fans after seeing the Trailer. Another reaction.

magcfingers on Tumblr said:

Me before watching the Insurgent trailer:


Me after watching the Insurgent trailer:


What are your thoughts?

Are you excited for Insurgent? Are you happy or not so happy with this new trailer? Let me know! All in all, I’m excited and hoping for Epicness! If you have yet to see it, or just want to see it again, enjoy the first official INSURGENT trailer below!

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