December Expectations: Books, Authors, Writing, Oh my!


Pfft! Yeah, about that…I have NOT been keeping calm. Can we take a brief moment to talk about this? Where the HELL did the year go? We ate turkey? We dressed in costumes and trusted strangers to gives us candy? We went to the beach and swam in oceans and swimming pools? Because, I don’t even remember Summer coming and going! *hyperventilates* 

Welp, apparently, it’s December, the last month of the year. The month of my favorite time of the year. The month of my birthday, and the month we gather worldwide and say farewell to another year. All good things, right? Yeah, I’m feeling more the bah-humbug vibe right now but I am working on adjusting that a little each day. It’s either embrace the crap out of this or wallow and miss another time gone by. I choose the former.

With that said, I wanted to give you all a quick update of things to come before the year’s end! Like I said, I’m intentionally resurrecting this poor neglected blog. The past three months have been a whirlwind of circumstance and emotions but I’m taking the reins. I’m stirring this ship, dammit! I’M THE CAPTAIN! *clears throat* *composes self and smiles*


I am so glad you asked. To put it simply; books, authors and writing, OH MY!


In the recent months, I have been on a New Adult contemporary binge. I had placed most of my YA TBR recipients on hold and took to my Kindle for some fun, coming of age, collegiate located drama of epic proportions. Ok, that’s a bit much but yeah, I was just in the mood for contemporary and when that is so, I prefer NA to YA contemporary–unless, you’re Stephanie Perkins. Then I’m always in the mood for her YA contemporaries.

For the month of December, I will be dusting off my YA TBR shelf, and delving back into a few stories I have been eagerly wanting to experience, ’cause reading, my friends…is an experience. Oh yeah….As you can tell, I’m delirious and been away from this blog a little too long. Don’t judge me. Just love me. *toothy smile* 

Keep an eye out for upcoming Book Talks about said books in the coming weeks. I want to shake off my writing hiatus and what better way than to WRITE ALL THE THINGS!



Speaking of ‘writing all the things’, I plan on…WRITING THINGS! You all have ‘heard’ me speak excessively, like a pansy about this new work in progress (WIP) story I’ve been plotting these last couple months. In my writing hiatus, this was one of the reasons I had crawled into my little hermit habitat. I also, (on a personal note) had been attempting to be that thing big people do. What? Oh, you know–be an adult. I was attempting to get some things in order before the new year but alas, life had other plans. Now, I have decided that I can no longer allow other circumstances to keep me from writing. Ever. Again.

I was chatting with a writer friend and she helped give me some perspective as well as a swift kick in the ass. This is what I want to do. Finally, I have found the courage to pursue this and let the world know it instead of keeping my writings to myself, never eluding to a soul that I write as solace, therapy, entertainment, etc.

I have currently two stories now available. One has been written and is off getting revision notes. The second, I will be starting today. After that, my first book project still has a sequel to be written and in my little vault of mindless treasures lie other story ideas. I have stories to tell. I have characters that I’m eager for you all to love. This is my passion, my home.

Alright, enough with the mushiness. All that to say; I WILL START DRAFTING MY SECOND BOOK PROJECT TODAY!

Drafting book project two

In addition to all the bookish goodness, I’m sure I will be sharing with you all the fun, stressful, joys and woes of this drafting process. I have developed some awesome connections with some pretty cool peoples. It’s crazy looking back over a year ago when I first began this process with my first book project, feeling so lost and alone during it all. My sanity was in tact (sometimes) thankfully because of my long distance best friend who rode the wave with me the entire way. “I love you, Therlee”.

I’m thankful for the few I have today who have been doing this, are going through this, and/or are also just lovers of words. Thanks to all of you for your support, your honestly, and shared enthusiasm of these beloved characters whom I love.


Lastly, be ready to see a couple posts highlighting a debut author whose current novel I have had the privilege of getting a sneak peek into. Let me tell y’all…IT’S SO GOOD! I’ll be telling you guys (and gals, in case that offends anyone) all about it very soon!

That is all for this quick update! And now, off to WRITE THE THING! Wish me luck. I’m excited about this new story. It’s a Post-war/Supernatural following our heroine through her dark past and current struggles to survive and keep her humanity. When the world pulls you one way but your heart another, how do you respond?

We shall see. *wink* 


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