Happy Holidays and all that Jazz!

The End of 2014 is Nigh…What Have I Been Up To?

Hello fellow bloggers, readers, friends and such! How have y’all been?!?! I’m alive. I’m still here. I’m a disgrace to this poor neglected blog of mine. It’s been what feels like forever. What’s been going on these last few months, some may ask? (While, most, I’m sure could care less). 😉

September came and went. I got to visit the bestie in Missouri, get my first tattoo, get away, and it was wonderful. The time went by too quickly and coming back home was…well, interesting. Ah, you could run and press ‘pause’ on life all you want, but once you return, all you left behind is still waiting for you. That is what happened to me. I left, needing time away and needing a dose of my best friend–desperately. Those six days were wonderful, especially with the weather being PERFECT for my visit. Coming home took some adjustment.  I have been eager and ready for change. Moving to another state (whether that be California or not) isn’t going to happen anytime soon, unfortunately. Finances are just not there yet.


My sister from another mother –Vane– motivated me to take on a crazy new venture. With all my fun health issues, it has always been a struggle to get fit. Being that the end of the year didn’t turn out to look as I had planned it to, I decided to not be bummed out about that and take advantage of this time.

Vane and I at concert

Vane and I began for the month of October to get crazy committed to getting fit and healthy. We began going daily to the gym to do cardio and weight/strength training. It was crazy at first, getting adjusted and used to going every damn day to beat my body up, but it’s been worth it!

vane and i fitness
Nike twins!

Another cool event happened this month. I got a hair and makeup gig for a band who were launching their project during a weekend concert in Downtown art district. Caro Marrelli launched, The WARSHIP Experience. It was two full days and though I was EXHAUSTED by the end of it, it was a great experience and truly, a fun time!






November kind of sneaked up and bit us in the ass! For the first time since I could remember, we did not have a decorated house and Christmas tree for Thanksgiving. That  NEVER happens, but we truly were not prepared for how fast this year blinked by. Thanksgiving day felt surreal, but at least we had a great time. Hope you all did too! A cousin in the family lives at a ranch. We all went and had an outdoor Thanksgiving. The weather was absolutely beautiful! Perfect, which is rare for South Florida. I got to reunite with my ha-mazing niece and nephew, which is always a plus. Later that night, we had a BONFIRE! We toasted some marshmallows, watched the embers dance in the sky, snuggled up in the cool weather and all that jazz.


My gorgeous mother and me on our way to Gobble Gobble dinner
Thanksgiving moon Sama
Samantha caught Mr. Moon!

What’s left of the year? DECEMBER:

Oh boy, oh boy. I can’t believe the end of this year is a month away. Tomorrow is December 1st. YIKES! I’m so not ready for 2015 but ready or not, here it comes. What else comes with this crazy month, other than Christmas (my favorite time of the year) is my birthday. Yet, another thing I am NOT ready for. To turn another year older.

I’m sure I’ll write a “fun” retrospective post nearing the end of the year so I won’t divulge any of that now but it’s been an interesting year. I’ve had my ups and I’ve had my downs. A definite “up” was writing my first book and completing that draft! She (my manuscript)  is still currently visiting the freelance editor I’ve told you all about which is fine by me cause frankly, I don’t think I’m mentally or emotionally prepared to experience my first REVISIONS process. It’s gonna be quite an adventure, I’m sure.


In the meantime, I am taking Julie’s advice (freelance editor) and focusing on writing a new story. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you may know how I was freaking out about this new story. I felt as though I was cheating on my previous story and characters by focusing on this new one. With further psycho-analyzing, I realized the real reason why I’ve been avoiding drafting this new story. I’ve been intimidated by this new story. It’s much darker than anything I thought I’d write and the genre is Post-war/Supernatural. Supernatural being a genre I never saw myself writing. I am excited about the challenge though. A fellow writer friend (Jenna Moreci, author of EVE: Awakening), has been a great motivator! She’s provoked me to get off my procrastinating ass and get back to writing which I’ve missed. Luckily, when I was visiting le bestie in Missouri, I plotted out the entire story. It’s ready for drafting…Yikes and Yay.

Welp! That’s all for now! Feels good to be back! Hope everyone’s holiday was great, full of laughs and love! Here comes December! Let’s end this year with a bang! Enjoy every minute and welcome 2015 with fireworks, laughs, and more joy than 2014 may or may not have shown us. 🙂


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