isla and the happily ever after selfie



I wasn’t sure if this would happen. I sacrificed coffee–COFFEE, people–and food and gathered into secret places of my wallet so I could get Isla when she came out. After reading some buddy book bloggers–who got early copies–gush about this last edition to this amazing companion series, I knew I needed this. I needed to meet Josh and Isla…or, re-meet them from what I hear. Very. Interesting.

Check out Jamie’s of The Perpetual Page-Turner, awesome spoiler-free review of the book here!

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I remember being apprehensive about reading Stephanie Perkins. I had heard of Anna and the French Kiss and how everyone gushed to pieces about it. The book community convinced me to give this cheesy title and at the time, cheesy cover book, a chance. I am SO glad I did! I think it is almost accurate to call Stephanie Perkins the YA Jane Austen of our generation. She just knows how to write these feel good, real stories that make your heart swoon and smile. There are many ‘feel good’ or what some call, ‘fluff’ stories out there but Stephanie does it right! She gives us our happily ever after and then brings the other characters you’ve fallen in love with along for the ride with each new book.

After a rough couple weeks, and a sucky Thursday, I am now retreating from the world and escaping to Isla’s. I went and treated myself to cupcakes & coffee. Now, the pj’s come on, light background music plays, and on to the reading!

sweet times cupcakes

Who else got their copy of Isla today? Are you reading it tonight too? 

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