Move along Goodreads! Who’s ready for LitRate?

Who is ready for LitRate?

Now, don’t get me wrong. Goodreads, I love you but all in the bookish community may agree that there are a few improvements we have eagerly been waiting for and…nada. Heather from Heather hearts Books mentioned to me recently about her friend Ashley of NoseGraze and her husband’s project called, LitRate.

LitRate - Coming Soon - A community for book lovers

What is LitRate?

LitRate is our dream for a new website for the literary community. It will essentially be our version of Goodreads—but better. We’ve seen all your ideas, all your complaints, and all your dreams of new features. We’re here and ready to implement them in a new site that we can build together!

Check out LitRate.com for all of the site features to come!

When Heather told me about it, and I then checked out Ashley’s video explaining, I just knew everyone within the community needed to know about this! I mean, here are two dynamic duo people willing to bring the booknerd community more fun, interactive, bookish toys to connect and play with. I for one am passionate about encouraging reading, especially toward the younger generation. Let’s face it–we’re a technology driven generation that projects such as these can benefit in connecting people. We all know that we booknerds are not always the most outdoor social butterflies–not all of us, I know but most of us–and to have means to gush and fangirl/fanboy on about current reads with others who understand is why Goodreads became such a quick success.

Now, about those improvements we all grunt about. One fairly common complaint is the DAMN HALF STAR RATINGS! They make such a VAST difference when it comes to portraying as accurate of an impression as we can of a book to the masses. LITRATE WILL LET US GIVE HALF STAR RATINGS! *laughs* Well, I’m in! Sold! Of course, there are MANY more awesome features to enjoy. (Refer to their site–link above–for feature details)

Here’s the deal…KICKSTARTER

They need our help! Launching something as massive and interactive as a different *coughs* better *coughs* version of Goodreads, is not cheap. Check out their video where Ashley explains the concept of LitRate, their desires for the site and why and how they need our help.

Here’s the link to the Kickstarter video

LitRate - Ready to rate books Backer
Spread the world! Tell all your bookish friends far and wide! Let’s give Ashley and Peter the chance to offer us something new and fun that may be the very thing we’ve all been waiting for!

4 thoughts on “Move along Goodreads! Who’s ready for LitRate?

  1. I LOVE your excitement for LitRate!! 😀 Thanks so much for helping to spread the word! We still have a long way to go money-wise but I hope we can pull through!

    1. I think it’s a brilliant idea and I admire you guys for making it happen. 🙂 Gonna keep spreading the word! Crossing our fingers for full goal to be met! I tried posting the video at the end but my WordPress is a butthead and wouldn’t let the video appear during previews or after publishing. But at least, I linked it there. 🙂

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