Last night, it happened. It has NEVER in this entire year process, taken me SO long to write two damn chapters before. It’s weird because I’ve known how Book One was going to end for a while now. My little index cards for the ending have been pinned on my plot board, patiently waiting for me to get to them.

Then I got to that third to last chapter…*crickets*

I wrote it. Felt meh. Had that bestie I told you about who’s honest to a fault and that’s why I love her–she read it. She felt meh too, which wasn’t good. We brainstormed thoughts about my main character’s state of mind and possible physical reactions at this point in the story. I rewrote it. Then it was better…I think. There may have been another rewrite that night. Then the second to last chapter…*drumming fingers on desk* I spent three days trying to write TWO DAMN chapters to something I already knew was going to happen. It was the actually writing it out part, where there was still that open opportunity for creativity.

The inner dialogue, the actions. I had to delve into what my main characters were feeling as this point, that’s going to continue into the next book. I kept sharing on social media like three different times,

“Tonight, I’m finishing my book.” Then, “Nope, just kidding. TONIGHT, I’m finishing my book…”

Nope. Still, nada. After going through the same process with the bestie on the next chapter–write. meh. read it to her. discuss. rewrite. better–I was ready and this was it. The. Last. Chapter.

I wanted to make sure I left the appropriate questions in the air for the reader, setting them up for Book Two. I wanted to revisit some character ARC moments, bringing certain ideals full circle. And I wanted an Epic last monologue and final sentence.

INSTAGRAM Book one draft collage

Writing, “END OF BOOK ONE” set off the most bizarre series of emotions. I sat there and stared. Zombie. My best friend, Heather was almost getting off work so I was waiting for her to read it and approve but I was feeling REALLY good about that last chapter and how I ended it.

I almost didn’t know how to feel about this. I built up more the LONG and HARD journey after writing the draft that everyone has been advising me to prepare for that I almost let that overshadow the BIG moment of completing a first, full draft of a book. I mean…


And when I said that out loud, with the bestie driving home from work…I. Cried.

It hit me like a flood. *laughing at myself*

So it’s the day after and I’ve been…processing. It’s been such an emotional year, bringing this story to life. It’s seen it’s ups and downs. It started off as something entirely different and became this which I love so much more! It’s kismet because it’s literally A YEAR almost to the day since I started writing this story. #nostalgic

Earlier today, the thoughts of this actually happening one day–the possibility that an agent will love it, believe in it, then a publishing house will want it–I started freaking out in that teenage school girl flailing and screaming inside…Sort of like THIS:


Needless to say–though I keep saying it–I’ve been an emotional rollercoaster these last twenty four hours. Already, I have scene ideas filtering through my head for Book Two. The bestie provided an epic idea to incorporate in it that I’m really excited to explore, only, I’ve read from authors I admire that it’s frowned upon to start writing the next books in a series before getting picked up by an agent and editor. Makes sense. Once they get their hands on it, they may rip it to shreds, putting it back together in a different way, causing you to change your previous approach to Book Two. So if I start writing it now, and then need to chuck the entire thing and restart, I’m doing a disservice to my self-esteem and the story.

Of course, I have the bestie threatening my life for resolution and is demanding that by her birthday in September, I have to write and tie in a bow for HER alone, all of my main couples scenes in Book Two because she doesn’t want to wait.

Ha. We’ll see, Heather. No, don’t scowl at me!

I will however begin at least plotting the main points, get my story board slowly coming together so I can at least work out all these thoughts.

Welp, I just HAD to share that with you all! I have my Editing service appointment on Monday. *gulp* It gets placed in the hands of a professional eye. I have currently four additional beta readers reading the first hundred pages. I’ve had some overwhelmingly encouraging feedback so far. I nervously bite my nails hoping they fall in love with my MC and her dreamy Bo and their journey. Here’s to hoping. *crosses fingers, toes, hair, eyes* Don’t ask how…”special” I must look doing all that, right now.

No, *scoffs nervously* I wasn’t just contorting myself like…yeah, I’m gonna go!

I think I will try not to obsess over this all weekend and crack open books to dive into till Monday. Yeah, that sounds wonderful! ❤

Have a great weekend! I’ll have my tagged post: My Writing Process, hopefully up by tomorrow. You know, cause it’s due Sunday. Right. *opens new blank post page* 



  1. Writing (and getting to the end of) a novel is such a massive achievement! And I don’t care what people say about edits, the first draft is the hardest to write because.. well.. damn! It’s the FIRST DRAFT OF A BOOK! A WHOLE BOOK! Heh heh. I always feel both excited and guilty when I see other people get to this point because.. well.. *stares at blank screen* that’s where I’m at.. Blank screen syndrome. But hey! Enough about me! 😀

    Big congrats! And hugs. And stuff!

    1. THANK YOU!!!! *hugs back* Ugh! You’re so right. I had somehow convinced myself that this sure, was big but not a big deal because of everything that still needs to happen in the process. But damn. I wrote a book! Like, HOLY CRAPOLA. I wrote a 455 page novel! 0_0 What the? That IS crazy! haha I’ve been emotionally tender these last forty-eight hours. haha

      You’ve got this! OPEN THAT DOCUMENT WOMAN! Stare at that sucker till the Spark overcomes your brain, rushing down the tips of your fingers turning letters into words. hahahaha Too poetic? I’ve been writing non-stop for 14 days straight. Ignore me. ^_^

      1. Ha ha! It’s a wonderful position to be in though! A little frazzled, perhaps even a little crazy, but hot damn.. you wrote a book! That is nothing short of epic!

        Lols.. I’ll write a sentence before bed. At least. I can manage that, right? :s

  2. After being weirded out by it, I’m feeling the excitement finally set in…with a bit of lingering crazy and tears here and there. haha

    Ha! Yes! Write an EPIC sentence before bed….”He know.” <~~~ The end. haha

    1. THANK YOU!!! I sent it over to a freelance editor to help clean it up before querying and I miss my story already. Feels so bizarre being “done” with that first official draft.
      YAY FOR 10%! Truly. Many desire to but don’t even begin the process. Definitely, don’t give up! Write every opportunity you can!

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