My Writing Process

My Writing Process Hello blog-o-sphere peeps! So the lovely, bookish and sports enthusiast, Julie (twitter pal & freelance editor) tagged me for this blog tour, My Writing Process. Since I just spent the last year writing my book and the last 14 days writing straight, I figured, "why not?" It's all fresh in my mind. Let's get started!… Continue reading My Writing Process



I REPEAT, I HAVE FINISHED THE DRAFT FOR BOOK ONE and....and...and... Last night, it happened. It has NEVER in this entire year process, taken me SO long to write two damn chapters before. It's weird because I've known how Book One was going to end for a while now. My little index cards for the… Continue reading I HAVE FINISHED DRAFT FOR BOOK ONE!


Don’t Hate Me! I’m Still Here and I’m WRITING!

*waves hands frantically in the air* Hey! Hi! Hola! Remember me? I'm that person who used to write on here all the time? No? Hm.... *scratches chin* Wait... *runs to find memory boost-speration* It's all coming back to you know, isn't it? Phew! *wipes brow* That was close, I know...Well, HELLO!!! Oh yes,  I have… Continue reading Don’t Hate Me! I’m Still Here and I’m WRITING!


11 Signs You’re Meant To Be A Writer

Love this! I got 8 out of 10! It’s reaffirming. 🙂


Yes, things have been a little quiet around here lately, but that’s only because, first of all, I was so busy there for a few weeks that I couldn’t even think straight and then, second of all, once the busyness was over, I awarded myself a whole day off—I didn’t even check my e-mails—and instead curled up with Lionel Shriver’s Big Brother, and that felt so good that I gave myself another day off, and then I started feeling light-headed and strange and had to come back here (here being The Desk), and get back to work. So while I play catch-up with the 391 e-mails from people who still don’t seem to understand that I don’t review books, my lovely blogging friend Laura Pepper Wu is going to entertain you with a guest post I’m sure we can all relate to: 11 Signs You’re Meant To Be A…

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11 Inspiring Quotes from the World’s Best Writers

Inspirational quotes for those bad writing days! This is a great post!


The last time we had a guest post from Laura Pepper Wu (11 Signs You’re Meant To Be A Writer), things went a bit nuts, with her post getting nearly 100 comments and being shared nearly 200 and over 400 times on Twitter and Facebook respectively. Today she’s back to share news of her new app, Write On! Daily Kick-Ass Writing Inspiration: 365 Tips & Quotes from the World’s Best Writers, and 11 of her favorite such quotes for those self-doubt-filled, motivation-lacking, no-amount-of-coffee-can-get-this-going bad writing days. Welcome back, Laura!

‘Having a bad writing day? Read (and bookmark!) these 11 quotes.

We all have ‘em once in while – awful, dragging, low writing-motivation days. The last thing you want to do is open up that folder on your computer, the one marked ‘WIP’.

You're a writer

Sometimes it helps to know you’re not alone (you’re definitely not), and that this too…

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