Monday Memes

Hola friends! Happy Monday, she grumbles.

How is your Monday coming along? I decided to add this as a new feature.


Why? Well, because I tried to think about what to write and well, my brain has shut down so then I thought…”Hmm, everyone likes gifs and memes!” Alas, here we are.

Let’s do a CURRENTLY list:


Katytastic BookTube episode: Impromptu Q&A


Just finished this weekend a third book in a New Adult series, “Let Love in” by Melissa Collins. The third is a standalone companion novel, “Let Love Heal”. I enjoyed following the first book’s main character’s best friend and her story.


To my bestie asking for through FaceTime chat book recommendations as she skips along through different bookstores.





Exhausted, like I could crawl back into bed any moment.


On having a Writing Week where I am going to enter a cave (metaphorical one, not literal. Desiree don’t do that) and excuse myself from the world as I focus an entire week back into my novel.


Not a lot today. (haha) Weekend flew by too quickly and wasn’t prepared for Monday to slap me in the face.


And that concludes my “CURRENTLY” list. Now, let us bask in the Manic Monday blues, shall we?








Till next time folks! 

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