The Fault in Our Stars TOUR!

Oh yes, my friends. Let’s talk about this!

tfios live conference


Today, at 1:30pm (EST), the LIVE Fault in Our Stars conference in NY, aired. Prepped my coffee, got me some grub, and propped myself in front of my computer for this fun little hour Q&A. The highlight of this conference was to find out where exactly the Tour was going to stop by in my city.

Yes, BTW…first, this happened.




Which I really did not see coming. Florida isn’t always the most popular destination for certain things, which of course, turns out to be the things I love. But even more so…THIS NEVER HAPPENS with the bookish things I love…I found out, they’re coming to Miami, FL!  This got me excited.  I was also a little bummed that one of my Page to Premiere friends/news reporter (Hayley) couldn’t join me like we thought. Assuming the Tour would go to Orlando instead, her being in Georgia, we were going to meet up.

tfios tour

John Green at the end of the conference announced where specifically in each of the four winning cities, the TFIOS Tour is stopping by. At first, a bit bummed about going alone (one bestie works, isn’t a fangirl but would’ve came all the same and the other bestie who is a fangirl, lives out of state), once I put out there about the tour stop, other South Floridian fangirls reached out saying they were going too. This got me excited!

The beauty of going to a fangirl event alone is you’re not alone. You come together with tons of other fangirl and fanboy friends, sharing the same excitement over something we all love. Very cool.


Kimmy (Founder and Editor in Chief) of Page to Premiere was at the fan screening in NYC last night to see The Fault in Our Stars movie. Today, she was at the press conference, and later got to interview Ansel and Shailene at the installed swing set!

ptp tfios swing



Stay tuned to Page to Premiere to see that interview coming your way soon!

So excited for this movie to rip my heart into millions of pieces while simultaneously having that same heart float and flutter with ALL THE FEELS. Gosh, we can be masochists sometimes. But that’s the thing about pain…it demands to be felt. 😉

tumblr_n50ta3BrUs1sfevmio1_500 tumblr_n50ta3BrUs1sfevmio2_500 tumblr_n50ta3BrUs1sfevmio3_500

The excitement is now building. So much so, I’m even feeling inspired to do some nail art for the event. Not my forte but alas, it’s all for fun.

tfios nails

Well friends. Thanks for letting me get excited and gush about this news! I have yet to participate in a fandom event as this, so the excitement comes with a bit of nerves too. Not knowing what to expect here. It really is for the experience and the pleasure of connecting with other booknerds! Those going Tuesday, see you there!

Check out the Full Conference Video Here!


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