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Are We Liking the New Layout?

Hey y’all! Quick, nonsensical post here…

For those who’ve been around, question? Are we liking the new layout? Was the old one better? or Goldie Locks and the Three Bears final answer: Go find a new one?

Let me know! Does it encourage further reading or stifle it?

And to make this post look more interesting…let’s toss in an irrelevant gif!

It took two seconds on Tumblr to find the perfect one. Oh, Epic Reads gals. Always reliable in the shenanigans department. *winks*




Desiree Marie is a writer, majestic entrepreneur, and blogging demigoddess. She is rumored to have been birthed from the ashes of the phoenix, though we all know that’s silly–she’s clearly a unicorn. Her hobbies include sleeping, reading, sleeping, writing, sleeping, laughing, and sometimes sleeping. She’s also involved in a torrid affair with coffee. Don’t try to steal her man or she’ll cut a bitch.

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