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‘If I Stay’ Movie Trailer Influenced Book Buy


‘If I Stay’ by Gayle Forman

Let’s talk about this book for a moment. So, this is one of those books by one of those authors you hear plenty about and in the back of your head, you know it’s on the TBR in your mind’s bookshelf. I hadn’t picked this one up yet. I honestly didn’t know what it was about but thought it was just one of those, “I trust that the bookish community says it’s a ‘must read’.”

Recently, the first trailer for the adaptation of this book came out. Holy capola! Can we say, ‘feels!?’ Wow! I was not expecting all of THAT, in the trailer because again, I had no previous knowledge of the story line. Yeah, let’s just say, the next day after watching the trailer again, torturing my feels into watery eyes, I called the only bookstore that would have it–Barnes and Nobles–and confirmed whether or not they had it. They did. I drove my impatient, happy butt over there and purchased the book. This scooted right up the TBR pile. I will be starting this one, hopefully tonight. If there was ever a trailer to pull book sales, this is one of them. Let’s reminisce on some trailer moments with…GIFS!












I am most definitely excited for both the book and movie. Man, June and August are gonna suck in that ‘man, the feels you just ripped from my heart, leaving it to bleed but oh it was so good’ kind of suck. Sometimes, us booknerds are masochists, I see. haha

Check out the full trailer below! What did you think? Have you read the book?




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