Mail Day: Ignite Me Came!


Nonchalantly, stepping outside, my eyes dart up. Bernard the Mailman catches the crazed look in my eyes and braces himself.


He reaches into his satchel and takes out the beautifully covered book I have waited for. I let out a high pitched, schoolgirl squeal.


I tackle Bernard the Mailman and lock him in an awkward embrace. He has no choice but to accept my book love. I grab the book and skip, leap, fly–I can’t tell which–inside, saying repeatedly,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Ignite Me

Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

Everyone and their mother has been talking about this book since it came out, February 4th. People read it and were discussing it. Epic Reads, talked about it last week…AND. I. DIDN’T. YET. POSSES. THIS. BOOK!

I didn’t put myself through the torture of reading the first 15 chapters that were released the week before. I knew that the moment I flipped to page one and began reading…there was no stopping. There was no turning back.

And that’s exactly what happened, folks. It arrived in my hands at seven p.m. I prepared myself. Come nine p.m. I took my happy butt to bed, got cozy and opened. the. book.

Fast forward, it’s FOUR in the morning. I only had 72 pages left, which sounds more than it looked. I had to stop and process. I knew the book was almost ending and there was still A LOT that had not been revealed or resolved and I honestly was beginning to get nervous. I was fearing a bit, Tahereh’s ending. Would she wrap things up? Give us resolution cause, um…Tahereh, there aren’t many pages left in my book, woman!

Ignite Me reading

Today I woke up and finished the rest. Overall, I finished this sucker in seven hours. I’ll have my book talk up tomorrow!

Happy reading everyone!

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